The Gang

An IDLES Community

The AF GANG is an online community of like minded souls. A place to be who you want to be, when you want to be without the fear of ridicule or judgement.

Born from a thought of group founder Lindsay Melbourne in March 2017.

Meeting Louise Hughes for the first time at their first ever IDLES gig a conversation was had about creating a group that people could join and discuss their love of IDLES and talk about the gigs they had attended.

Brian Mimpress joined the AF GANG within the first few days and jumped in head first.

Friendships were instantly formed as people quite naturally began to talk about more things than just this band they loved.

Meet ups started to happen as the group grew into something none of us ever saw coming.

Now coming into its third full year the AF GANG is heading towards its 30’000th member.

It’s not wrong to say that this group has had and will continue to have the ability to change lives through the kindness and the love and support many of us need.

No one is alone.
All means everyone

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