Brian's Daily Updates

Tuesday February 25, 2020

Good morning AFGClear. Blue. Cold. #fuckmeitscold.  This mornings bus tunes: Strangeways here we come: The Smiths.  This mornings bus smells: Soap  Seat obtained A Driver Status: Phil Mitchell. Grunted back at me after my overly joyous Hello!  This is not the 7:16 out of Shoeburyness. This is the 8:36 out of Shoeburyness. This bus is full. Really full. I don’t […]

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Friday January 31, 2020

AF Gang recommends: Nervous Pills

AF Gang founder Lindsay Melbourne gets to know Sheffield trio Nervous Pills. Names and where do you come from? Harry, Tom and Liam from Sheffield What are the best 3 things about your home town of Sheffield? Its multiculturalism – it gives our city lots of character and love. People from outside Sheffield seem to settle […]

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