Weekly Playlist #3

Weekly Playlist #3
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Caprice Enchanté

The St Pierre Snake Invasion

Starting here and this one did arrive in 2019.
One hell of a second album with a different twist to their earlier work Saint Pierre ? Invasion owned the fuck out of this year not just delivering us a mammoth fucking album but some of the best gigs I attended this year to.
I give you this track, one of the many highlights from the album and the title track.
Turn this fucker UP
This is The St Pierre Snake Invasion with Caprice Enchantè.

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There are a few bands I’m dead excited about catching live in 2020 for the first time, and none more than this four piece noise machine from that there America.
Anti Social media informs us that 2020 will contain their first gigs off of American soul when they entertain a tour that will take in the UK and a lot of Europe too.
This makes me dead happy as the very small collection of tracks that you can find on Spotty are just brilliant.
Listen to and love this track called Guttermilk by the brilliant The Bobby Lees.

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Kings of the Wild Frontier - Remastered

Adam & The Ants

He is a star. A real star and as a band they had the early 80s totally wrapped up.
Even as a ten year old kid this track hit he square in the face and still for me remains one of the best single releases of all time.
Was lucky enough to catch him perform this live a few weeks ago and at 65 years of age still has more coolness running through his veins than you and I could only dream of having.
Plus they had two drummers.
This should be law in every band.
Enjoy please Kings Of The Wild Frontier by Adam and the ?

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Make No Sound


So this has been the ear worm all week. Not sure where it came from, why it arrived or when it might ever disappear, but I don’t mind as it’s an absolute beauty of a track.
I don’t think this was even a single release, I might be wrong.
The highlight track for me from the quite outstanding debut album Bring It On I give you Make No Sound by Gomez.

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Black Celebration

Depeche Mode

I fucking love this track and the album it came from. The daughter of John Craven and Hamble from Play School this track is a total winner.
The album had such a unique and defined sound to it I was gutted when album two arrived and the magic of the first had been forgotten.
In For The Kill by La Roux.

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In My Room

The Walker Brothers

Been together as a band for ever next year they celebrate the 80th anniversary since their first single release.
They haven’t done a foot wrong in my eyes ever.
This track was the turning point for me and the track and album that put them on the correct path for legend status.
A fucking winner in every sense.
Black Celebration by Depeche Mode.

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In For The Kill

La Roux

One of the best male vocalists ever?
I was listening to both albums this week by Marc and the Mambas and had forgotten that this track had been covered by Marc.
I’ve just sat here trying to decide what version I go for but we go with Scott’s version as I know it’s the right thing to do.
Listen to more Mr Walker.
A track so fabulous it’s tattooed on my arm.
In My Room by The Walker Brothers.

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Virginia Plain

Roxy Music

The weren’t many bands better than these boys back in the 70s.
Such and incredible piece of song writing and performance it’s genius.
There isn’t anything else I need to add.
Roxy Music. Virginia Plain.

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My Perfect Cousin

The Undertones

We all had one.
2 minutes and 36 seconds of pure pop brilliance.
My Perfect Cousin by The Undertones.

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Come What May - From "Moulin Rouge" Soundtrack

Nicole Kidman

Yeah yeah.
My love of musical theatre and movies isn’t something I’m ashamed off.
I love them.
I went to the cinema three times on my own to go see this film as it was a feast for my eyes.
“Maybe, just maybe if Obi Wan had sung like this to Anakin he might not have turned into Darth Vader”
How this track didn’t win an Oscar I’ll never know.
From the fabulous Moulin Rouge.
Come What May.

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