Weekly Playlist #2

Weekly Playlist #2
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Running the World

Jarvis Cocker

Good Evening AFG .
It’s only bloody Kinky Linky time again.
The last one before Christmas!
How many of these have I done now?, loads and I love it.
A reminder it’s the time of the week where I share with you the stuff/ shit/ ear worms / classics and gems etc etc that have been involved in my ears over these last seven days.
You know the drill
This week I have invited our Boss ??????? and our Mum ??? to get involved too.
Aren’t I nice!
So here goes, you know the rules, feet up and headphones on and always Long Live The Open Minded.
It’s been the most talked about track this week and for a good reason after last weeks shit show of an election result.
Some die hard AFG members got together and started a campaign to get this track to Christmas number one.
Go buy it please, it’s dead cheap too.
Currently sitting at number two in the charts you have just a few hours to go to do your bit and raise some cash for Shelter.
So without further a do this is Running The World by the legend that is Mr Jarvis Cocker.

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No other reason why I include this track again this week.
From one of the best albums the 90s ever gave us from one of the best bands we’ve ever had.
This is the fabulous Stutter by the wonderful Elastica
Turn this fucker up....

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I’m The Man

Jehnny Beth

???? ??? ??? ??? ...
“ Welcome to the strength and kick ass power of Jehnny Beth! The highlight of my year bumping into her in the toilets at Ally Pally. She’s cool AF! X
This is I’m the man from Jehnny Beth.

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My Cruel Joke


Back to me!
A band that can and have given us everything.
If you never heard this tune before I promise you that you are in for a treat.
They never ever put a foot wrong in my eyes...
Listen to more Soulwax.
This is My Cruel Joke.

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Mammalian Fondness


It’s the bosses turn now, our hero, the fabulous ???????
The first single from YOWL’s brilliant new EP ‘Atrophy’.
Stepping away from managing this band as I journey into motherhood has felt like breaking up with my true love but what a fabulous last weekend we had together.
Me and Brian were there to witness their sold-out show at Peckham Audio and you may have seen the tweet from Lammo after his daughter shared the stage with them during a stripped back set on Sunday at Ace Hotel. Perfect ending to a fabulous 3 years together.
Long reign YOWL.
Video directed by Table Scraps Tim Mobbs.

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Watching You Suffer


Me again.
Shit loads of album of the year posts flying about at the moment.
It’s a fucking tough one to call due to the volume of decent releases we’ve had these last twelve months.
I’m not even going to attempt my list but I want to highlight this today.
A three piece from London of drums, bass and violin.
It’s a monster of a debut album and right up there at the top of the tree for me in 2019.
This was the first single to be lifted from it.
Also featuring a singing drummer...( I think I have a thing for this...)
Go find, listen and love POZI and I bring you the brilliant Watching you suffer..

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December Will Be Magic Again (Originally By Kate Bush) [Karaoke Version]

Zoom Karaoke

Back to ???.
This song never FAILS to get Mum into the festive spirit. The purity of Kate’s voice, it’s just sublime. This woman I adore so much and has inspired me to dance like there’s no one else in the room!
December will be magic again by Kate Bush.
Note: Kate doesn't like Spotify so we could only find a karaoke version!

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War Pigs

Black Sabbath

Me, Brian.
I love a bit of air guitar. I can’t help it. I even do it at gigs, I don’t give a shit.
There are tons of great tracks to swing that bit of air too but none much better than this.
This is the mammoth War Pigs by Black Sabbath.
Choose your weapon.

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I'm A Failure

Table Scraps

Back to the ????, Lindsay.
Talking of Table Scraps. This track and video is one of my favourites. Because… Tim, Sock Puppets, miniture backline, everything about about this is Beavis and Butthead brilliant.
I’m a failure from Table Scraps.
Turn it up.

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I Believe in Father Christmas

Greg Lake

I’ve been very vocal this week about my dislike of Christmas music. 25 years in retail did that to me.
This is the last Kinky Linky before Christmas so I will share with you the ONLY decent Christmas song ever recorded and released.
Nothing else even comes close.

So done.
Feet up.
Headphones on.
Long live the open minded.
Don’t forget that this Kinky Linky can now be found on Spotify and will be loaded up onto the wonderful world of afgang.co.uk very soon too.
Now just to find a random picture of something that has nothing to do with anything and we are ready........?. x

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