Weekly Playlist #1

Weekly Playlist #1
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The Routines

I had a message during the week from AFG member Dion Jones.
“Our album comes out this Saturday, can you have a listen please....”
So I did, because I’m nice like that and oh Gang what a winner.
Have a listen please....I think you will likely.....
From their debut album Does It Work For You please enjoy the opening track Taxpayer by the quite brilliant The Routines...
Up the AF Gang! 

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Spin the Black Circle - Remastered

Pearl Jam

So when our favourite boy band from Bristol announced last week a few support slots next year supporting Pearl Jam it got me going on a YouTube walkabout. 
I was lucky enough moons ago catching their first European show in a pub on Southend Seafront.
I’ve probably told you this before.
I had, completely forgotten about this next tune but it reminded me why I used to love them so.
This is the fabulous Spin The Black Circle from Pearl Jam. 

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I'm Mee, I'm Now, An' That's Orl


You wanna know where Noel Gallagher got every single Oasis idea from? 
Listen to this track. The verse, the chorus, the guitar, the bridge, the everything is Oasis through and through. 
You can even hear Liam’s vocal on this easy.
And fuck, this monster of a tune released in 72 was even just the B side to the epic Cum And Feel The Noise.
This is Slade with I’m Mee Now And That’s Orl.

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This Year's Love

David Gray

At 30 years old I found myself broken and living in a flat on my own for the first ever and thankfully only time in my life.
I was a mess. This album released roughly at the same time broke me but also became a huge help for me in the slow healing process I went through.
I adore this whole album and I adore this track in particular.
This Years Love from David Gray.

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Victoria Park

Red Telephone

I shared a track a few weeks ago from this band. I still now nothing about them at all. 
They only have four tracks online. 
This is another one of those tracks and it’s just so so fine .
The band are called Red Telephone and this song is called Victoria Park.
Please enjoy......

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Burning Love

Elvis Presley

Before Elvis there was nothing.
This weeks earworm. 
I’m completely fine with it....
Elvis. Burning Love.
Legends never die...

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Hayley Ross

I went to see Metz on Sunday night at The Moth Club.
Our Bass hero Dev turned up and joined the boys on stage to play bass on this track.
This track is and has always been just perfect. 

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Get Off


Another track with AFG connections and so far away from this last track is unreal...
Dylan Ross, AFG legend performed for us last Saturday with his excellent poem all about this place. 
This is Dylan’s cousin. Makes ya sick when there’s so much talent all in one family , don’t it? 
With a London date due in March of next year it’s the gig I’m now looking forward to the most.
This is the brilliant Hayley Ross with her epic track Barracuda.
God this is good.

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Join me in that there London on Friday at Peckham Audio to catch this band live...
I loves them. 
This is Darkroom by the brilliant YOWL

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Sit Down

Join me in that there London at The Victoria tomorrow night ( go fucking vote first ) and catch this band live...
They are everything....
This is Honeysucker by Sit Down.

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