LINKY LOCKDOWN -Murderati (Crows Community Group)

LINKY LOCKDOWN -Murderati (Crows Community Group)
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Sure Shot

Beastie Boys

Good Evening AF Gang, greetings from the Murderati Admins here at Murderati Towers!
We are all currently adhering to social distancing, so the boys are currently down in the basement fine tuning album No2. And us Admins sit around a large wooden dining table, like some modern day gothic Waltons (One for the kids there!).
We have been discussing our 10 songs for today’s Kinky Linky takeover, there were arguments over who would choose a Crows track, but Lisa won that one as she promised not to tell her Kurt Cobain story ever again!! We have all chosen 2 tracks which is handy as that gives us 10 in total, some obvious, some maybe not so obvious.
So without further ado, here is the Murderati Kinky Linky, enjoy . .

Mark – Beastie Boys ‘Sure Shot’ – I honestly believe this band to be so underrated, and yet to me they are one of the greatest bands of all time. Talented, funny but socially aware when they needed to be.

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All the St John's Wort in the World


Charles – Cassels ‘All the St John’s Wort In the World’ - The best song from the best album of 2019, the epitome of middle class guilt!

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FEAR - Demo

Talk Show

Lisa – Talk Show ‘Fear’ - Fell in love with this band the first time I saw them at HandMade last year. One of my favourite live bands at the moment. I love this song, I love their energy and their pure enjoyment of being on stage.

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Months Ago


Andy - Adore//Repel ‘Months Ago’ - Local boys Adore//Repel After making friends with a local music promoter he put on a show with these guys playing in Huddersfield legendary venue The Parish, blew the socks of me and reignited my passion for the local DIY music scene.

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Real A Lie

Melissa Auf der Maur

Kaz – Auf Der Maur ‘Real A Lie’ - Already a little bit in love with Melissa Auf Der Maur due to a chronic Hole obsession, she went and released ‘Auf Der Maur’ in 2004 and I fell head over heels.

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We Float

PJ Harvey

Mark – PJ Harvey ‘We Float’ – Always one to be late to a party, I had never really listened to the beautiful PJ before. The lovely Kaz pointed me to this track and the rest is history. Love PJ and this track is one of my favourite songs of all time.

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Alternative Facts


Charles – Mush ‘Alternative Facts’ – I love this track because it overstays it’s welcome and yet doesn’t, becomes boring but isn’t, and stops when it shouldn’t!

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First Light // False Face


Lisa – Crows ‘First Light//False Face’ - From my favourite album of last year. Such an underrated song. The way it slowly grows, then becomes so powerful is just perfect.

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Ejector Seat


Andy – Knuckle ‘Ejector Seat’- Great local band, special song to me as daughter no2 wasn't a very happy baby in the early days, not much was able to quieten her down, then we discovered this song played on my phone had some strange calming effect on her.

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Somewhat Damaged

Nine Inch Nails

Kaz – Nine Inch Nails ‘Somewhat Damaged’ - Layer upon layer of dark aggressive noises - what a way to open an album. Must be enjoyed at ear splitting volume (Mark – another band that the wonderful Kaz has pointed me too)

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