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Taking Islands In Africa - Remastered 2003


Guy Chester - ageing Manchester dad, rockabilly and psychobilly fanatic and wanderer of the Pennine hills.
The first band that I found for myself and was properly obsessed with. Way ahead of all the competition at the time
I was lucky enough to catch them on their last tour (my first proper gig). For a couple of years I did my best to copy
David Sylvian's eye makeup before settling on more bolt-through-the-neck fare. This one still gives me goose pimples.

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Eyes Wide

Dead Naked Hippies

I saw these wonderful human beings supporting John at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. It's a long time since I've
been so blown away by a band on first exposure but I instantly went and bought a t-shirt like a gushing fan boy.
When the world looks a bit more normal, go and see them.

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See My Jumper Hangin' On The Line

R.L. Burnside

My dad introduced me to the blues when I was a kid and I never tire of it. Without this there's no rock n roll or
much of any modern music at all really. This kind of DIY country blues was the stuff I always liked best and I'm glad some
of it was captured before it disappeared.

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Radar Love

Graveyard Johnnys

I thought I should slip in at least one psychobilly tune. Sadly, most of the bands are even older than me and just
soldiering on but here's South Wales' Graveyard Johnnys who are probably all still the right side of 40. Nothing like a bit of slap bass.

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Blood Waves


Kids are great and when they get into cool music, they're even better. My son Alfie introduced me to Idles and I introduced
him to Killing Joke and Snuff. I can't remember who discovered Ho99o9 first but we've been to see them together a few times.
Always a mental show - real 21st century punk. Here's a Converse ad masquerading as a music video.

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Double Barrel

Dave & Ansell Collins

When I was small I'd sometimes be allowed to stay up for the first hour of the wild parties that my older brothers and sisters
would have. The music was always a mix of funk (especially James Brown and Parliament/Funkadelic) and reggae and ska. Along
with Desmond Dekker - Israelites and Max Romeo - Wet Dream, this one always got played.
For your "listening through the bannisters" pleasure.

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1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Richard Thompson

Folk and folk rock are relatively recent additions to my likes. The fantastic book Electric Eden by Rob Young helped
turn me on to a lot of it. I was going to pick a Fairport Convention track but the guitar playing on this, plus the
wonderful lyrics won out in the end. Here's everyone's favourite Sufi Muslim.

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Bird Doggin'

Gene Vincent

In my opinion, the greatest rock & roll vocalist bar none. Not even Elvis gets a look in compared to Gene. When I got
turned on to the 50s stuff, age 16, Gene was one of the first I listened to, on some sort of dodgy K-Tel compilation.
The man certainly had his demons - mostly related to booze and prescription painkillers and never reached the heights
I think he deserved. This track is from a comeback lp he recorded in the 60s with an intro that Joy Division nicked.

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