LINKY LOCKDOWN – Dawn Williamson

LINKY LOCKDOWN – Dawn Williamson
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Asian Dub Foundation

Quite possibly THE most underrated band EV-ER. Their ‘Rafi’s Revenge’ album...well, if you haven’t ever wrapped yer lugholes around that beaut, you 100% need to.
God says so.
She told me she loves them.

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Rollins Band

Cos when you start to doubt yourself the real world will eat you alive’
YEAH!! ✊
Go Hank!
‘Shine’ by the ever barefoot and shouty Rollins Band.

Admin edit - there is only one Rollins Band song on Spotify so had to go with this one. Sorry!

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I Like That Top

The Menstrual Cramps

In yer face, unapologetic, DIY feminist punk.
What is there not to love? I’m a bit of a sucker for ‘em.

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Antmusic - Remastered

Adam & The Ants

I first heard this when I was 9 years old. Instant love affair. It’s lasted 40 years so far and NEVER diminished.
My fantasy husband #2 (he’s going to have to fight out the #1 top spot with Hank).

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Ball and Chain

Big Brother & The Holding Company

Janis. Oh Janis ❤️.
All off their conkers on H 99% of the time unfortunately.
I was fortunate enough to meet 3 of the original members about 10 years ago.
TOTALLY and unashamedly fangirled.
Not sorry.
Not. one. bit.
I could watch this Monterey performance on loop for HOURS.

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They'd Name an Age

USA Nails

Blatantly fangirled with Gareth at the merch stand when they supported Rock Gods JOHN at Oslo recently.
Not sorry about that either.
The always fucking marvellous USA Nails with ‘They’d name an Age’

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A Boy Named Sue - Live at San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA - February 1969

Johnny Cash

Me and my Dad would sing EVERY FRICKIN’ WORD to this when I was a nipper.
It’s a classic.
Gawd rest his soul - Sir Johnny of Cash
**spectacles, testicles, wallet & watch**

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You Got The Love

The Source

Simply because this is an absolute BANGER! Will now forever be seared into my memory as the moment when all of us of a certain age dropped everything, threw off the shackles and dad/mum danced our little socks off in Sheffield at the first AFGang Xmas Party.
Good times.

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This gives me skingasms.
Goosebumplies ALL OVER.
Every time.
It’s just divine.
I thank the day the Mercury Music Awards brought this to my attention.
The beautifully mysterious Burial with ‘Archangel’

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50ft Queenie

PJ Harvey

From our very own alternative Queenie, Polly.
Bit of a girl crush, gotta admit.
Way too cool for skool.
I doff my cap to you m’lady.

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