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Freak On a Leash


Hello AF GANG. My name is Ben. I am a man. I’ve made a few videos that you may have been in. Or not. For this Kinketh Linketh I have chosen some professional music videos that I’m fond of. I had a really long list and I’ve narrowed it down to some what are particularly close to my heart. You might hate some of them but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends… READY?!

Nu-metal kicked off when I was in my late teens and although there was some absolute trash, Korn did throw out some bangers. And some trash. But this is a banger. It reminds of me of Monday night at Lennons nightclub in Southampton. FYI. The video’s directed by Todd McFarlane and it kicks ass - ABOOMDADAOOMDOMNAEEMA!

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Carpe Diem

Will Haven

Keeping it heavy (always do, mate), this was always on those ‘banned’ video shows late at night on MTV2. I saw Will Haven support Soulfly in San Francisco and they were amazing. As soon as they started, the place went wild. Obvs...

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Cry Me a River

Justin Timberlake

Let’s dial it back a bit, yeah? All of this is amazing. Justin breaks into some woman’s (Britney's) house and floaty dances while fricka-fricka Timberland stays in the car. It’s really weird but I love it…

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Next Hype

Tempa T

I lived with my in-laws for a bit and my brother-in-law played this song on repeat. I mean ALL DAY. Thankfully I liked it and Tempa T’s quite something isn’t he?! Plus Tim Westwood’s in the video and he’s hilarious. The Alan Partridge of the rap game. Still no idea what they’re talking about…

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Pet Shop Boys

My mum and dad loved the Pet Shops Boys. Then I got to see them a few years ago with my wife at the Royal Albert Hall with a big orchestra. They were incredible. This song’s massive and there’s a vampire in the video which used to freak me out a bit when I was little…

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David De La Hoz

The Chariot

I started listening to The Chariot when I heard Damien off St.Pierre Snake Invasion mention them in an interview. I knew I recognised the lead singer (Josh Scogin) from somewhere and it turns out I saw ’68, another one of his bands, support Every Time I Die a little while ago. That gig ended when the crowd swarmed the stage and Jordan Buckley jumped off a speaker. I think he was bleeding. Anyway, this video is awesome…

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That's Not Me


After being thrust into the grime world by Tempa-T, I started listening to more grime and discovered JME. And Skepta. This song gets me bouncing. And the video, “See me and Skepta in the video with a nostalgic backdrop,” is just that…

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The Nobodies

Marilyn Manson

Big fan of Marilyn Manson. This song was released after Marilyn was linked to the Columbine shootings. I remember thinking how insane that was at the time and nothing’s really changed since. I’m surprised no one’s blamed the coronavirus on heavy metal music yet. There’s still time…

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November Rain

Guns N' Roses

Hands down, the greatest music video of all time. Epic. Little Axl, the Tardis Church, two guitar solos, all those cigarettes, that wedding dress and most importantly, the guy who’s so desperate to protect his hair from the rain that he jumps through the cake (6:59). They don’t make ‘em like this anymore…

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