Monday December 30, 2019

Team IDLES & AF GANG. 2019.

Good Evening AFG. 
It’s only Bloody Sunday ?????? time!!

It’s the last one and the 52nd Sunday Statt post of the year. I don’t think I missed a single one this year,a few were delayed by a day or so. 

So one would normally start the post with all the new and wonderful news of what has been going on in the world of our favourite boy band from Bristol since Girls Aloud but this week we go slightly different. 

2019 has been one hell of a year for Team IDLES, with JOY arriving late in 2018 this year gave the boys a full clear year to gig and promote their worth. 
They didn’t disappoint. 

So here take this from me, a list of some of the highlights of the year. It doesn’t cover everything and is just purely from memory of which we have discussed many times before isn’t very good. 

Team IDLES. 2019. 

Brits breakthrough nomination. 

8 dates in Oz and New Zealand In January 

10 UK dates in March including 3 dates at The Electric Ballroom in that London with support from Life, Crows and The Murder Capital. 

8 dates in Europe with support from Life. 

17 dates in May in America with support from Fontaines DC. 

Brits week live date in February at The 100 club with support from Lice. What a fucking night that was! 

Batman merch, more of it. 

Streets live mash up cover on Radio 1 live lounge. 

New website with even more merch includes patches! , launched in Feb. 

MEAT EP reissue on clear vinyl for record store day. 

Free gig at Dr Martins store in Camden. Millions tried to get in, about 20 did. 

Balley Records label ( owned by Brother Talbot and Emperor Bent ) release the debut album by Crows. 

More Ltd Ed prints released, enough different prints have now been released you can wallpaper your living room. Many of you did. 

Kerrang cover stars. 

Bowen and Lee sign up to Playit, a subscription service that allows you to learn to do what they do too. 

More merch launches inc new totes and a pink I’m Scum tee that everyone losses their shit over. 

More merch. Caps this time. 

Mercedes Marxist released to mixed reviews. Grows on you like a cold sore and becomes your new favourite IDLES track for ages. 

Another American tour announced this time with support from Preoccupations. 

More Ltd Ed tour prints released. 

Holy shit a Tiny Desk performance arrives that blows our tiny little minds. 

100th issue for Crack Magazine contains an interview with Brother Joesph and Jehnny Beth. 

Another Award nomination, this time from Kerrang. 

Fabulous interview with Bowen and Joe with Steve fucking Jones of The Sex Pistols fame appears online. 

Iveagh Gardens gig in Dublin announced. Half the AF Gang decide to ‘make a weekend of it’ 

Team IDLES win An Ivor Novello award for JOY. It’s the daddy of all daddies of awards. They can now be held in the same light and regard as previous winner Will Young. 

American tour number 87 , this time with A place to bury strangers in support. 

More merch arrives including a first reprint of the cat tee. 

Brother Joe stands in for gravel voice Iggy Pop on Radio 6 music. 

December UK tour announced in June , 5 dates including one big fuck off end of year party at the 10k capacity Ally of Pally. 
Everyone panics slightly as they have just six months to sell 10’000 tickets. 
Panic over. Did it in a day. Smart bastards. 

That Glastonbury performance. 
There is nothing left to add. Perfection. Everyone cried. Wifey Talbot and baby Talbot join Brother Talbot on stage, it becomes the iconic image of the year. Everyone cries again. 

Team IDLES met some of the cast of Stranger Things somewhere in Poland. Random AF. 

More prints released. Fuck of big ice cream pic this time. 

Some of the AFG are asked to join in for the filming of a video for Gram Rock in that there London. The end result never sees the light of day. We can guess why…

10 months after the realise of JOY, Never fight a man gets a video release. No one knows why, probably something to do with the social shares and radio play it will bring to help shift Ally of Pally tickets. We needed not worry….

JOY is nominated for The Mercury Music prize and helps form the strongest list the award has seen in a decade. 

Slowthai becomes everyone’s new best friend. 

Mercedes and I Dream get it’s physical release and we are treated with a new video for Mercedes of a man banging his head on stuff. 

More merch: Very nice black flower long sleeve this time. 

Truck festival performance. The craziest crowd of the year. 

Remix of Colossus released by fellow Bristolian Tricky. Four months on I’m still very unsure what to make of it. 

More merch, this time more new totes and tees for kids. 

Bands FC and Warchild team up to release very limited Team IDLES FC pins. 

September: Album three recording session commences in Paris in that there France. Working title ‘Dog Shit Monday’. 

Video arrives of Lee in said recording session playing the recorder. FFS. 

Brother Joesph dyes his hair pink again, last seen like this back in the early days of Brutalism tour. 
Making the most of it while you still can……

The boys don’t win The Mercury Music prize obviously but give us one hell of a performance of Perm. Slowthai steals the show with the head of Boris sneaked onto the stage in a ruck sack. I fall In love with Anna Calvi. 

I’m Scum pins arrive. Everyone wants one. 

Lord Bowen remixes Metonomy. 

First South American visit announced for early 2020. About bloody time. 

The boys play the tiny Windmill in Brixton for Lammos stag doo. Us three admin get an invite. It’s my Team IDLES highlight of the year. 

Live at The Bataclan release announced. Pretty vinyl galore. 

More merch. Long sleeve Scum tee, Sometimes worse is better and a new Bada bada cap. 

Last date of the year will not be Ally of Pally but a benefit gig in Bristol raising money for the homeless. 

Jon nominated again for best drummer of the year. Doesn’t win. Again. 

More South American dates announced. 

More merch part 165: Long sleeve Batman tees and 80s style VHS covers. 

Joe reaches the highlight of his career by meeting and having his photo taken with Will Young. 
It’s all down hill from here……

IDLES beer part two announced called KRFSHT. 
Nope, me neither….

Don’t Gary ,Gary. 

Uk tour commences and ends with the fabulous day had by all at Ally Pally. 
It was something quite quite beautiful indeed. 

JOY gets an official Silver cert in the UK meaning that it has shifted over 60’000 physical units. 

The boys commence their first real break in three years. They have three months off. 
Lazy bastards..

I’m sure there is stuff I’ve forgotten but it’s the best I could come up with. It was one hell of an historic year. 
Are we all ready to go again? 

And what about the AF Gang in 2019? 

Somebody last week described what we have here as a movement. 
I think they may be right. 
We’ve grown this year in huge numbers and at quite a speed too. 
I’ve expressed my love for this group more than once this year and the love and support you continue to show each other still blows my tiny little mind. 
I’ll never take for granted what we have here and you have all worked so hard to create. I will defend it continuously because it’s worth it. 
The friendships made within the group is a beautiful beautiful thing. 
You all allow each other to be exactly who you are without any need to try to be something you are not. You have taught and shown each other how to Love yourself,we all needed a bit more of that. 

Lindsay , Louise and I continue to give all we’ve got and this year went that little bit extra by working on and launching the website to secure the future of this place. 

We launched some lovely merch too, we are so glad you like it. The conversations we had about all of that went on long so we are all glad now it’s out there in the wild..
Thank you. 

AFG ??????? for the full year now are as follows….

Total membership now sits at 24’773. 

Which means in the last 12 months we have welcomed an extra 11’478 new members to the AFG. 
A massive 2019 welcome to you all. 

Total posts in 2019 at a massive 31’505 up 42% on last year. 

Total comments for the full year at 553’108 again up 29% on last year. 
Over half a fucking million. 

Total likes and other reactions at 2’473’276. 
2.4 million! 

Total active average membership this year ended on 83%. Facebook believe the active average membership across all of their groups to be no more than 30%. 
Once again we have blown this out of the water. Thank you. 

So with Christmas done we move into 2020.
A few things already announced for the boys already including one huge long overdue trip to South America. 
With album three due at somepoint this year together with some of the other stuff I’ve been privileged to have been already informed of ( don’t ask, I’d get shot) it’s safe to say that 2020 is gearing up to be the biggest and best year yet. 
And the AFG next year? 
Just you watch, us admin have so many thoughts, plains and dreams of where we want to take this place and what we believe we can do with it if we manage just a few of them I will be one very happy team. 

So that’s me done for another year and week. 

I may return tomorrow morning as I have a bus to catch first thing. 

Long live the open minded. 

All Is Love. ?. x