Weekly Playlist #9 curated by SIT DOWN

Weekly Playlist #9 curated by SIT DOWN
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All Smiles Over Here :)

The Garden

K: We simply would be nothing and nowhere without this band. They continue to be the greatest continuous inspiration and influence for us, so they’ve simply gotta go first. I remember Greg first telling me about them but saying ‘Don’t listen yet. Come to my house, I’m gonna sit you down in front of my speakers, and I want you to listen.’ Life was never the same after that.

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All Wordz Are Made Up

The Voidz

K: God Julian Casablancas is just the best isn’t he? The first time we ever saw the Voidz was when we lived in New York and won tickets to go see them supported by Cherry Glazerr at House of Vans in Brooklyn. There was free beer. It was carnage. When we found out they were coming to Brighton to play Concorde 2 we knew we HAD to be there, and unsurprisingly it turned out to be the best gig we’d ever been to. Thanks in large part to….

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Take Down the House


K: The support for that show was an artist we’d not heard of called ‘Promiseland’ and I can honestly say I’ve never been more won over by a performer so instantaneously. Up on stage there was just this one long-haired topless dude in motorcycle trousers absolutely losing it beneath the strobe lights, rapping in his thick kiwi accent into a vocal pitch shifter. At one point he leapt into the crowd and climbed up a column inside the venue, then during the drop in a song launched himself into a dustbin whilst talking about the fish and chips he had for lunch. The gig ended up being so fucking amazing we instantly came away and wrote two songs called, unashamedly, ‘voidz’ and ‘promiseland’. They’ll actually both be on our new EP, but voidz has a different name now.

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Infinity Guitars

Sleigh Bells

K: I remember distinctly the first time I heard this song, I was about 17 and driving back from school when it came on the radio, and I was absolutely enraptured. I knew instantly this was the music I wanted to make, and to this day I don’t think any band has come close to even coming close to the powerhouse combination of Alexis Krauss’ cheerleader vocals with Derek Miller’s disgusting bit crushed trashy production. Infinity Guitars indeed.

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London Bridge


K: Speaking of early influences, I’m not afraid to admit that for me an absolutely huge one is early 00’s pop. There’s genuinely nothing more satisfying that a perfectly crafted pop song, and that equation is something we try to carry through into the way we make our music too - Cheap Luxe being the most obvious example of that. Also as young girl growing up in the millennium, there was just so much outrageous sass in pop music, and powerful women reclaiming their identities and sexualities all alongside these absolutely fat beats, which was so so inspiring. You cannot deny that London Bridge still absolutely bangs today.

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Tomorrow Never Knows - Remastered 2009

The Beatles

G: Little do many people know, I’m actually a massive Beatles nerd. For me Tomorrow Never Knows really transports me whenever I listen to it. It’s like the past present and future of music smushed together creating this place that I’ve always strived to reach as an artist. It’s deffo one of those songs that should go on infinitely, it’s still as nuts today as when I first heard it! There was also this amazing moment once when we were driving from a gig we’d played in Chester to Liverpool, and the song lasted the exact duration of the Queensway Tunnel which felt like we’d transported through time and space by the time we came out the other side.

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The Bully

Richard Swift

G: This song is a true gift to the world and a work of pure comic genius. A beautiful doo wop love song bookended by him having a go at some dude leaning on his car, featuring the lyrics ‘Are you gonna say you’re sorry? Hold on, hold on here’s another verse, one second’. Honorary mention here to the song Carol Gets Fired - Stevie Dinner which has a v similar humour, and when I messaged him asking if it was an inspiration, he said he’d never heard before but listened when I sent, and Richard Swift is, quote: ‘good people’.

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Space Cowboy

Mom and the Mailman

G: Pure Burger Records trash that goes so hard. Swear I have the lyrics ‘I’m a bad motherfucker, just ask my mom’ circling round my head on a daily basis.

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Bleed War


G: Good god this simply absolutely rips. It’s like Death Grips meets Marilyn Manson. We’re yet to be lucky enough to catch them live but apparently their shows are an absolute riot with Black Flag’s Brandon Pertzborn on drums and frontman the OGM frequently performing fully nude.

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Yalnız Ölü Balıklar Akıntıyı Takip Eder


G: This was a very recent discovery that blew us the fuck away, in a similar way Promiseland did in 2018. We were in The Jazz Cafe in London to see Turkish psych queen Gaye Su Akyol, who as far as we know had no support act, then the lights went down and the strobes came up and three figures emerged from the smoke. It turns out they were members of her backing band (who, when playing with her wore bandit masks and capes a la Mask of Zorro) who had their own electro psych outfit called ‘Lalalar’. My god it was mind-blowing sound, and with the growling husky Turkish vocals tearing apart capitalistic society, what more could you want?

AFG: there we have it.
Absolutely fucking fabulous.
Long Live The Open Minded. ? x

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