Weekly Playlist #8

Weekly Playlist #8
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Ants Invasion - Remastered

Adam & The Ants

It’s only fucking KINKY LINKY time again and this week it’s me, I’m back after a two week break due to fabulous Kinky Linky takeovers from Nervous Pills and ROCK GODS JOHN..
So my friends you are in for a treat tonight for I present to you TEN whole tracks of total total beauty.
I hope you can enjoy them too, if you don’t then try harder......
So hear we go.

I fucking love this dude and I love this band. I have done since I was a kid. If you look up the word Cool in the dictionary then this is what you will find.
This track is just an album track but for me the highlight of their entire career and this footage is flawless.
That riff, that bass and that double drum kit sound.
This is Adam And The Ants with Ants Invasion:

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To Turn You On

Roxy Music

Bryan Ferry is fabulous and not just because he has a cool name.
He knows how to write and lyric and he knows how to write a tune.
This is my most favourite Ferry track and also the track we had as our first dance on my wedding day when I married the current Mrs Mimpress.
Don’t ever say I’m not a romantic bastard.
Roxy Music. To Turn You On.

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Anna Calvi

The future Mrs Mimpress is Anna Calvi.
She doesn’t know this yet.
Anna announced a collaboration album this week due in March. This next track, my highlight of last years album Hunter Is the track that our very own Joe Talbot has reworked with her.
I can not imagine for one second what it will sound like.
Please listen and love.
Anna Calvi with Wish.

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Duda Dance


Who the fuck are Genn?
I hadn’t heard of them until this week until our very own Big Jeff posted about them.
Four piece from Brighton I’m told and most of them right here with us in the AFG. Which is nice!
This then is their new track that was released just yesterday and it’s a fucking beauty.
Duda Dance by Genn.

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Love In A Void

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Not much to say about this except it’s just one of the finest singles ever released.
Turn this fucker up.
Recorded for a TV special in 1979 with a very young Robert Smith on guitar.
Love In A Void. Siouxsie and the Banshees.

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I know nothing about this band I just loved this track at the time and had completely forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when somewhere deep within my head it appeared one morning as my new ear worm.
I’ve had worse.
Lush with Ladykillers.

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Nova Twins

The highlight of Butlins.
They blew us away.
If I ever get around to organising an AFG all dayer and I can afford them they will be there to entertain us.
Go see these two live as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed.
This is the fabulous track Twitch by the brilliant Nova Twins.

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Ghost Printer


ROCK GODS JOHN are out on tour.
They are our darlings.
I look forward to seeing lots of you on Saturday in that there London.
I love this track so fucking much I had it tattooed on my arm.
Ghostprinter by ROCK GODS JOHN.

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Kate Nash

Nearly there.....
Another track on my arm.
It’s a fucking fabulous tune by one hell of an artist.
Dick Head by Kate Nash.

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Johnny Got A Boom Boom

Imelda May

And we are there.
Thank fuck.
Last one.
A tune that I had completely forgotten about and listened to death many many years ago..
Never got to catch this live but I wish that I had.
I loves it so.
The brilliant Imelda May with Johnny got a boom boom
Fuck this is great....

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