Weekly Playlist #7 curated by JOHN

Weekly Playlist #7 curated by JOHN
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A band who will be supporting us on various dates of the forthcoming UK tour - and one I'm very excited about. I’d never heard of them before John (Newton) showed me them, and this song has since become one of my most played songs on Spotify in recent times. I really love the darkness of it, which is encouraged by haunting guitars, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them play this live. JH

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We got to play some amazing venues whilst on tour with IDLES in Europe in 2018, and VERA in Groningen, Netherlands was a stand out. The venue designs and screen-prints all their own promotional posters - and what doesn't get sold or snapped up - they offer to visitors. The design of Frigs’ poster caught my eye because of its beautiful simplicity, although, I never thought to listen to them until the poster hung in my bathroom. Realising that I might actually hate them, I thought I’d better listen and thankfully, they’ve become one of my favourite bands at the moment. This tracks angular guitars and vocals weave in and out perfectly, so every verse offers something new. I love bands who keep your attention through these dynamic shifts. JH

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Axons and Dendrites

Shipping News

A song for when it's the early hours and you’re driving home from a show: tired, sweaty, feeling like you have nothing left to give. It’s an absolute must when wanting to wind down and relax on the long journeys between tour dates. For me, this is when math-rock gets it right, it's clever but not over- complicated, one continuous piece of music that just gets better every time I listen to it. JH

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Aphex Twin

This song is from Selected Ambient works 85-92 (which I believe is named from components from equipment he used to record the album) and is one of my favourites from when I was young. I’ve never got bored of it, and it has always found its way back into my ears at various points through out my life (as has the whole album). It really turned me on to electronic music and showed me how complex and clever it can be. JH

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The Living Night

John Tejada

My wife Rosie has a love for electronic music - especially house. I found this album by John Trejada (an Austrian born composer/musician) and fell in love with this track. You can stare out of the window on a busy train and just forget about life for a brief moment. JH

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Special N


I really enjoyed the French-made television series Les Revenants, and a large portion of that was thanks to Mogwai’s soundtrack. I often struggle to write when listening to music with vocals so this album is a regular go-to when I’m trying to be productive... In fact, I’ve decided to put it on now. JN

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The album Saturate Every Atom will never ever receive the credit it’s due, and it was really influential to me when I was growing up and forming a band. I had one chance to see Lack live (a rare trip over to the UK from their native Copenhagen) and didn’t take it… A regret that I’m taking to the grave. JN

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Ever (Foreign Flag)

Team Sleep

This track comes like a hazy memory of sitting in Maths class next to my mate Tom (who I don’t really keep in contact with anymore - although I know he’s somewhere in Newcastle). In this memory, we’re listening to a burned CD copy of ‘Around The Fur’ by Deftones on an ‘anti-shock’ portable CD player. Team Sleep was a side project of Chino from Deftones, and Johnny and I often listen to this album in the van as we’re both fans from childhood. We’re actually on the same lineup for Sunstroke Festival in June and it is rather bizarre to see ‘JOHN’ below ‘Deftones’ on the poster (in smaller letters obviously). JN

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Time After Time

Cyndi Lauper

My mum had Lauper’s greatest hits cassette in her old Rover, and it’s definitely a song that transports me back into that car. The memory is completed by the smell of burning after my brother has egged me on to place the glowing red in-car lighter onto the upholstery of the seat. The album was called ‘Twelve Deadly Cyns… and Then Some’, and I can distinctly remember being confused by the pronunciation of ‘Cyn’ - too young to understand the relatively basic wordplay in use. JN

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Tarpeian Rock


Just a phenomenally creative band who can’t put a foot wrong in my eyes. I would recommend listening to the attached interview with singer Joe Casey (http://vishkhanna.com/…/03/30/ep-245-joe-casey-of-protomar…/), it’ll help illustrate how he takes fragments of the contemporary living and transforms them into the poetry and power of song. This particular track takes its title from a Roman execution site, where the accused were hurled off a steep cliff. Casey reals off a list of things/scenarios that could be considered as irritable - throwing them from the metaphorical rock of the song. JN

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