Weekly Playlist #6 curated by Nervous Pills

Weekly Playlist #6 curated by Nervous Pills
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Plastic People


Listened to this when we were starting out as a three piece during college. This helped shape our current sound.

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Bulls On Parade - triple j Like A Version

Denzel Curry

We'll always listen to this track before we play either for a gig or for a rehearsal. A true adrenaline shot to hype us up.

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Pumping On Your Stereo


Liam and Tom's song from childhood.

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On Days Like These - From "The Italian Job" Soundtrack

Quincy Jones

Harry's favourite film introductory piece of music. Beautiful score and lyrics.

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The Snake


The dark flavour of the album this track sits in is something we've always admired. This sometimes shines through our sound.

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Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured

Arctic Monkeys

Takes us back to our early high school days where we met and shared our love of our hometown favourites.

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Well Done


Our first dose of Idles came in the form of this simple yet powerful song. Will always jam it in our rehearsals

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Uber Capitalist Death Trade


This song takes us back to our short stay in Amsterdam together where we were given brotherly advice from Cabbage.

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I'm A Realist

The Cribs

Like Idles, The Cribs have a very communal fan base. In their early days, they'd fill a coach of mates to pack out their gigs.

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Milk It


We adore Steve Albini's production. In particular the drum sound. The lyrics in this song could be nonsense, they could also be the most truthful thing Cobain wrote.

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