Weekly Playlist #5 Rockaway Beach Preview

Weekly Playlist #5 Rockaway Beach Preview
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Your Blood Only


It’s only bloody Kinky Linky time!!
And this week, no shit I’m doing it from the wonderful world of the AAA!
I even get the AAA on the way home.
Like a boss.
So this week as a little treat I present to you for one week only the ROCK A WAYS A BEACH AT BUTLINS BOOGIE BONANZA!
About half a million AF Gang expected to arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon to the seaside delights of Bognor and I thought I’ve cover some of the acts this week that will grace our faces and make us sway on the disco dance floor
So here goes, The Butlins Kinky Linly!!
1) Appearing on stage tomorrow afternoon at some stupid time that clashes with Countdown the first track is by one of many of the acts I have never seen live.
I know nothing about these people but doing my research this week I’m dead excited to be seeing them.
Beautifully different it’s going to set the weekend of perfectly.
Long live the open minded with tonight’s opener please as I give to you Bellatrix with the quite excellent Your Blood Only.

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Heavy Lungs

We know these people. We all know these people. I’ve caught them live lots over the last few years like many of you lot have too.
This then from the 4th best band in Bristol with lead singer Nanny Dedelko is Heavy Lungs and their best offering by a mile Stutter.

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You When I Close My Eyes

Indian Queens

Another band I had never heard of and I’ve taken quite a fancy too this during the week and it has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the sight of a female bass player.
This lot have got the job of opening up the weekend for us all so I’m expecting my chauffeur Dawn to be flooring it all the way so we don’t miss them.
I like this a lot.
Indian Queens with You when I close my eyes.

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I'm Shy

Self Esteem

This next track has been on my radar for sometime as it gives me the feels.
I’m so happy that I am finally going to see if it does the same live too. From what I’ve been told about Rebecca I don’t think we are going to be disappointed.
This is Self Esteem with I’m Shy.

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Sick Girl

The Sweet Release of Death

This next band are so right up my street I’d quite happily invite them round for tea.
Goth noise without the Goth.
Another live first for me this is The Sweet Release of Death ( terrible name) with Sick Girl.

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The Wedding Present

Oh it’s a banger. A banger of legendary status.
Lost count the amount of times I’ve been to see them live over the last thirty years. Always a glorious experience.
Your guess is as good as mine at what kind of set they will give us but who gives a shit about that.
From somewhere at the end of the 80s I give you one of the finest pop songs ever written.
Brassneck by The Wedding Present.

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Another Girl, Another Planet - 2008 re-mastered version

The Only Ones

One from our Mum!
Louise :
Peter Perrett is playing on the Saturday evening, he’s the lead singer of The Only Ones and one of my all time favourite songs is Another Girl another Planet. I had this as the final dance track at a birthday party where I orchestrated it so that I could dress up as Wonder Woman. I had THE BEST COSTUME naturally! Three months in the making, hand dyed big panties and basque from US that I also dyed myself..... My best friend worked her magic on embellishments and I so looked the part! Even went to the local Magistrates Court to plead with the publican for a late license!
Another Girl, Another planet by The Only Ones.

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Yet another band that have come to my attention this week and Is right up our street.
Who are they? Fuck knows.
Where do they come from? Fuck knows but if their set sounds all like this track we are in for a total scream.
Turn this fucker up!
This is Lust by Rascalton:

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Bassline Bitch

Nova Twins

Nearly there:
Caught these two live once at the end of last year. Energy just doesn’t cover it.
They have a sound and style like no one else is doing and it kicks hard AF.
Looking forward to this set tons.
Feet up and enjoy please Nova Twins and Bassline Bitch.

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Dublin City Sky

Fontaines D.C.

My final track for this week and the band that close the weekend. So much has been said about them already. Info for the weekend says they have a stage time of one and a half hours! Fuck me, that must mean we get the album twice then, unless they have learnt to speak between tracks now to fill the time.
It was a fabulous album from a quite fabulous live act.
It’s all very different now from the pubs we used to go and watch them in a few years back but no one gives a shit about that.
Living the dream for us all I give you my highlight track from the album
This is Fontaines DC with Dublin City Sky.

So there we have it
And I managed to get the whole thing done on the Arriva single decker vessel of love while getting hugged by the AAA.
If you are in Bognor tomorrow I’ll see you there, mines a vodka , and if you are not with us tomorrow you know the rules, headphones on, feet up and enjoy the kinky.

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