Weekly Playlist #4

Weekly Playlist #4
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The Sweet Release of Death

Brian: A Rock away a beach at Butlins is now just 8 days away. From my understanding it looks like it’s going to be a bit of an AFG take over of music , alcohol, dad dancing and Bingo. Having something to look forward to in the bleak dark days of January has got me through December for sure.
Loads of bands playing I haven’t ever heard of so I have been doing my research and this act , I believe are playing sometime on the Friday afternoon just stopped me dead..
The first track in this weeks kinky Linky is called Sway by a band I know nothing about apart from they have a terrible name.

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I Feel Much Better

Small Faces

Brian: Why do I like this song?
I don’t know I just do. If you know very little about this band I beg you to seek them out and explore. They are one of the best bands the UK have ever produced.
That’s not fact, it’s just me talking.
So please listen to and enjoy I feel so much better by The Small faces.

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Nervous Pills

Lindsay: My top tip for 2020 and already a fave in AF Gang is Sheffield based grungey trip Nervous Pills.
New track ‘Necrophilia’ was released last week is a level up and their energetic live shows are not to be missed.
Don’t sleep on this.

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Lindsay: Christmas was a little bit crappy and when I’m feeling rubbish I always come back to two albums by an old punk band called Osker.
They broke up before I could see them live but got me through a lot of depressive periods.
I would sell a limb to see these guys live in their hay day.

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Four Seasons In One Day

Crowded House

Brian: This weeks ear worm. It’s been with me swimming in and out of my head since Monday morning. Unsure of where it came from but I’m happy for it to stick around.
The 90s I thought we’re pretty shite for music, I could count on one hand the bands that I really really liked and this little safe as houses band was definitely one of them .
Ear worm bliss.

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Girls Talk

Dave Edmunds

Brian: I heard this on the radio just today.
Before that I don’t think I’ve heard it since I was a small kid over 40 years go and fuck it made me smile.
I loves it. Perfect pop.
It’s an Elvis Costello track apparently too. Who knew.

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Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - 2015 Remaster

The Velvet Underground

Louise: This song..... fuck... so damn cool! Makes me want to throw off the shackles of my everyday life and hit the road..... pack a little bag (this would be very difficult for me, I’m the kinda girl that packs her feather pillow from her own bed for an overnight trip to see IDLES at Hebden Bridge) bumped into the Boys just by chance prior to the gig to incredibly discover that Dev also cracks the feather spines in his pillows too..... anyway, I digress.... I can imagine me on a road trip, wind in my hair this on the playlist..... Thelma and Louise eat your heart out! ❤️
The Velvet Underground with Oh! Sweet Nuthin.

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Color Me Free

Terry Callier

Louise: Taking down the decorations today, New Years Day..... I actually perversely prefer taking down the decorations and lovingly and carefully packing them away, becoming nostalgic for Christmas.....I need uplifting music to make me feel like there’s hope; something to look forward to and this darling man ticks all the boxes.... I can smell the Spring, tulips on sale already in Sainsbury’s...... x

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Cigarettes After Sex

Brian: Partisan Records the label of Team IDLES , Fontaines etc etc have one fucking diverse collection of artists.
This act/ band/ solo singer ( I don’t know what ) are actually quite massive across Europe..
This track, one of the first I ever heard from them got right under my skin and it’s a band I know I need to do more research on this year.
Take a listen for yourself.
This is Cigarettes After Sex with Apocalypse.

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Ballrooms Of Mars

T. Rex

Brian: And my ( our ) last one for this week.
We are back to Marc, or Lord Bolan as he should be called.
He is my Bowie.
From the 1972 album Tank this is the quite fabulous Ballrooms Of Mars by T Rex.

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