Weekly Playlist #14

Weekly Playlist #14
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It’s only bloody Thursday again!
It’s only bloody KINKY LINKY time and yes you are stuck with me for another week.
Not going to lie, with everything going on this week I didn’t even think about this until mid morning.
Que panic of what the fuck will I do
So here goes, and I’m amazed I’ve never not covered this subject before.
Ten tracks by ten different artists that have supported Team IDLES over these last few years.
An obvious list really.
I’ll try and be nice
I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen IDLES live, not a fucking clue. All I have in my head are highlights and low lights and snippets of memories.
My favourite standout gig though was Hebden Bridge. A fantastic little venue. Load AF. Hottest gig I’ve ever attended.
Early August 2018 four weeks before JOY.
On that night these boys supported. For me they are one of the most exciting bands in the UK today.
That night in Yorkshire they tour that room up.
They are fabulous. And I love them.
So for my first track tonight I give you Dark Room by the brilliant Yowl.

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Silver Tongues


Supported the boys on the UK leg of the JOY tour after signing to Joes record label.
They have become a firm favourite with the AFG and you really need to see them live to understand why.
Gaining new fans left right and centre is easy to understand why.
This is Silver Tongues by Crows.

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More Is Less

The Murder Capital

I do believe these boys have supported IDLES just the once on one of the dates at the Electric Ballroom back earlyish 2019.
Live it feels like you’ve just watched a stage show. It’s rehearsed within an inch of its life but you can not take your eyes off them.
Their debut album was good, live they take it all to the next level.
Just don’t ask them about the onion.
This is then More Is Less by The Murder Capital.

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Idle Crown

Queen Zee

Idols supporting IDLES. I think this happened just the once three years ago this week as part of the Brutalism tour when it arrived for one night in Liverpool.
I’ve banged on about this band enough. I don’t need to go over it again.
Queen Zee are dead. Long live Queen Zee.
I give you the perfect track Idle Crown.

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Liberty Belle

Fontaines D.C.

Oh hello. Is there anything else I can write about these boys. They are currently taking the world by storm in their own right. Another band that have a lot of love in the AFG.
Supported IDLES on a million dates across America back at the end of 2019 and others dates here and there too.

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Stammering Bill


The most Marmite band on the planet.
You either love them or you don’t.
You either get it or you don’t.
Support the boys on the small venue UK tour of March and April in 2018 and also at The 100 club the following year.
I’m firmly in I love them camp.
With a video directed by Joe Talbot..
Stammering Bill by Lice.

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Loads of support slots for this next lot including The Electric Ballroom and various other dates in April 2019 etc etc.
Huge AFG following and mates to many.

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I have no idea how may times this following band have supported the boys. They have all happened in the States. Their first support was one of Team IDLES first ever live gigs at Rough Trade in New York. I remember Bowen telling me he had never seen something so fucking good like that before.
Seek them out one day and experience it for yourself.
They are quite incredible.

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Blood Brother

Heavy Lungs

Another band that loads of you seem to love and I just don’t get it.
I’ve caught them live lots over the years but never ever found myself in a time of my life where I’ve thought ‘ fuck I need to listen to that again ‘
I get the love.
I get the connection I just don’t think I’ve got ‘ it’ yet.....

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Future Thinker


I think I’ve said enough about these two over the years.
Saying nothing else now it’s enough.
This is the brilliant Future Thinker.

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