Weekly Playlist #11 curated by FRAUDS

Weekly Playlist #11 curated by FRAUDS
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No Me Llores Mas

Marc Ribot

Hey everyone. This is Mikey – 75% of the two-piece band Frauds. The first five Kinky Linkys are my choice. Please sit back and enjoy the journey ahead before Chris hits you with his drivel.

M. Marc Ribot is my favourite guitarist. I first fell in love with his playing listening to the Tom Waits album ‘Rain Dogs’ on which he features heavily. Ribot has a unique style and personality – kind of punk, jazz, spazz, something… If you know the intro tune to the TV show Black Books you’ll know the vibe. This song is from his album of covers of classic Cuban songs. It’s all great.

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A New Kind of Water - Edit

This Heat

M. This is from the album ‘Deceit’ by This Heat – a real masterpiece. ‘A New Kind Of Water’ finishes of the album in the most brutally bleak way possible. It delivers a paralysing hopelessness that somehow manages to be cathartic.

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Altin Gün

M. Altin Gün are a Turkish psychedelic folk band. I got into them last year sometime while alone searching for ‘Turkish psychedelic folk music’ late at night. This song is from the album ‘Gece’ and I could’ve picked any song off this beauty as they’re all stone cold bangers!

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O Superman

Laurie Anderson

M. It’s hard to explain why I love this song so much. It carries me somewhere unusual, somewhere I can only go when listening to it. Strange and unknown, but calm and warm. Best listened to alone, late at night, in a dark room. Maybe with a nice branch of Burmese birch.

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Del Shannon

M. Simply one of the greatest songs of all time. This is my go to karaoke tune and I’m sure you can all imagine how much I nail it…every time. This was Del’s first single release and by far his biggest hit. Always a treat.

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The Rat

The Walkmen

Chris - Well that was interesting Mike. I’ve personally had enough of your WOMAD-incense stick-falafel-flatbread-oat milk “spiritual journey”. Let’s do some bangers now shall we & you can head off to your man cave and smoke a fatty with Peter Gabriel (I’ll join later).

C. Me and The Walkman go back, way back & this song is my favourite song of all time. I actually worked for them for a couple of gigs at ULU when I was a nipper. I was selling their merch and doing their mailing list pissed for two nights in about 2005 (I was only 9 years old). They were the first real band I ever met and they were extremely lovely & my reoccurring memory of them whenever their mentioned is watching football with them in the student bar & me telling them the rules.

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C. If ever I’m in a corner & need some inspiration I listen to this song. I absolutely adore the Pixies and this songs vocal is one of my favourite performances of all time.

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C. Probably my favourite band of all time & this song is the opener of their final album “The Argument” which is a ruddy masterpiece. It’s probably their most “song” led album and is quite mellow in comparison to the angsty early stuff but it’s just so well put together & the songwriting is immense. Also the understated drumming & percussion is a big influence on moir.

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Formed a Band

Art Brut

C. When it comes to inspiration lyrically, philosophically etc etc Eddie Argos is my spirit animal. No matter how many times I hear this song it makes me smile as being in a band is stupid thing to do but this song captures the ridiculousness of it all very perfectly.

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You Need Satan More Than He Needs You

Future Of The Left

C. This is the song that I had my epiphany moment of “I want to sing”. The opening line of “oh god it’s gonna rain & I only brought my socks” is one of fave opening lines of all time and one that I think has influenced my songwriting more than any other.

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