LOCKDOWN LINKY – Stephen Madden

LOCKDOWN LINKY – Stephen Madden
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Someone Great

LCD Soundsystem

Hello, I’m Steve. First heard the boys on the radio and liked the singles but didn’t really reach out and pursue the album until a pretty dark point in my life when my mate from uni and fellow AF Ganger made me listen to them on the way to a friend’s wedding and told me all about the cult...erm group. It is now a running joke with my friends that I possess no other types of tshirts than those from allotment productions.
I have now myself indoctrinated a few more people and swelled the ranks of the AF Gang. Love the ethos of this place. So without further ado, a hastily put together list of some songs that I love.

Was introduced to this song by another one of my uni housemates who introduced to me to electro and I think it’s a great song about the people who are no longer in our lives for whatever reason whether that is drifting apart, falling out or even death. Usually makes me think of my dear nan bless her.

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Brilliant Disguise

Bruce Springsteen

For most of my life I dismissed Bruce as trite stadium dad rock. How wrong was I? There is a Bruce song for every mood from political outrage to yearning horniness and I love it all. He is one of the few artists I enjoy seeing in a big venue. Was not a massive fan of this song or album it is from but I’ve come back to it as life moves me to different paths. Once again his lyrics paint a picture in my mind and there are certain phrases that just blow me away. God have mercy on the man who doubts what he’s sure of.

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Death On Two Legs - Live, European Tour / 1979


I distinctly remember sitting down with my dad (but my mum reminds me it was her record) and listening to night at the opera all the way through and going over the lyrics in the sleeve notes. Although I don’t really remember this song sound tracking that memory it is an underplayed banger.

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Tuned To A Different Station


I found Dogs just as I was leaving home to go to university the first time and I became obsessed. Made my own tshirt, joined the online forum and took the national express down to that there London to see them. Ended up meeting up with people from the forum who took me under their wing for the night (remind you of another group?) and we ended up drinking with the band until the small hours. Some how made it back to the hostel alive. Great song from a favourite album of mine.

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Big Thief

A relatively new addition to my ears. Liked the odd song by these guys and really enjoyed their Tiny Desk concert. Got tickets for me and the girl I fancy and saw this was the most played song on Spotify. Did not grab me at first until I was on the bus on the way down for the gig and read the lyrics. I think I then played the song on repeat for another 30 mins. The song tells a very vivid story and it breaks my heart

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Great pop music that made me realise being a snob is boring and you close yourself off so much by being one. Love their music, love their videos and love the vibe they give off. Ended up playing this album on repeat through a good summer and eventually got to see them at ally pally a year or so ago and they were great.

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I've Just Seen A Face - Remastered 2009

The Beatles

From the first album I ever asked for. A short song that is perfection, captures those feelings of love perfectly and it sounds incredible. Conjures a past relationship that unfortunately failed but I think this will always be our song.

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We Can Be Strong - Single Version

Willy Mason

Have seen this man many times and he is always great. Always good to his fans. Hasn’t realised anything in a while but I hope that changes. I also love the message of togetherness by his songs and the fact he tends to play the smaller towns and venues and used to love doing a house show. As long as it was open to the public. Beautiful music, heartfelt lyrics about looking out for one another

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Charlie Don't Surf - Remastered

The Clash

These boys were my political awakening and I don’t think I would be obsessed by the music of Idles and their message if it wasn’t for the jolt that their music gave me. Love their ethos and especially love that they liked to try news things. Sandinista the album this song is off is a great example of that.

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The Twist

Frightened Rabbit

Someone recently commented that listening to Frightened Rabbit is like being emotionally ambushed. It is true. They tell a story that is open, honest, funny and heart-breaking all in one verse. The lead singer and song writer is no longer with us but it was the music of Frightened Rabbit and Idles that help me KFG and I will be forever in their debt for that.

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