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At the Drive-In

Hi gang, I'm Ryan from Southampton. I enjoyed putting this together, took my mind off the madness we're all going through for a while. I've gone for 5 male and 5 female acts for my kinky linky, enjoy!
First up I've gone with a topical track. At The Drive In don't need much introduction, they are one of the best live acts I've ever seen and Relationship of Command is one of my favourite albums.

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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & John Frusciante

I've stuck with Omar for this one. His solo stuff is often very experimental and can be a challenging listen but his album with John Frusciante is a thing of beauty.

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The Black Angels

I love this band so much. Their debut album Passover is the place to start if you want to get in to them but I picked this track off their latest album as it's a great song with a cool video.

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When Jokers Attack

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

BJM have such a big back catalogue to choose from and I could have chosen so many songs but I went with this one, enjoy!

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Federico Albanese

I'm also partial to a bit of ambient and neo classical music. This pianist and composer blends the two using effects and electronic sounds along with his piano playing. This is a cool video of him playing.

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Emma Ruth Rundle

Emma plays guitar in a couple of bands, Red Sparrowes and Marriages. Her solo stuff is incredible and her latest album is a masterpiece. Downtuned, dark and bloody beautiful.

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Drive Your Car


The ladies are cool AF. Saw them at Astral fest last year but was unfortunately too drunk to remember it very well, I hope to get another chance to see them properly some day.

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deep tan

This is an up and coming band from London, they only have a few tracks out at the moment and I love them all. I was supposed to be seeing them at Portsmouth psych fest in June but the coronavirus has other ideas.

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One of the best female bands around in my opinion. They have been recording a new album recently but I suspect it will be a while before we hear it, fucking virus. I picked this video as it has two great tracks on it for the price of one.

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Pista (Great Start)

Los Bitchos

thought I'd end on a cheerful note. These girls are so much fun and I highly recommend seeing them live.

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