LOCKDOWN LINKY – Matt Goulette

LOCKDOWN LINKY – Matt Goulette
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The St Pierre Snake Invasion

Well how’s everyone doin out there in #lockdowntown ? It’s fuckin weird ain’t it? Days drip on, frets get frettier, narks get narkier, worries get worryinger. Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day. We’re not in the same fucking boat. Stop saying that! You're not in the same boat. The only thing you're in that I've been in is this fucking bath!
Anyway, I digress.
An opportunity to take over the Kinky Linky does not come without it’s own fretting. I could have picked a million different songs for this slice of egomania, and I could have made out like I am the edgiest hep cat in town, with an ear to the scene and a direct line to punk royalty. But I’m not, and I don’t, so I made a decision to put my 10 songs in to categories like some sort of human spreadsheet. Eventually we will all be replaced by robots. It may be sooner than we think. And if it is, I want them to know what I like to listen to. So, here goes… keep fucking going gang won’t you? I couldn’t do this without you. (Brian, insert a blowing a kiss emoji here. I suspect you won’t see this though as you’ll just lazily copy and paste it like some sort of anarchist, and it’ll then appear on the kinky linky and make me look stoopid. Or, you’ll see it, read this and decide to keep it in, because it’s amusing to you. But it’s not funny OK? This is my moment Dad! Why can’t you let me shine?) PS on second thoughts, keep it in, I’m on a roll…
Category 1: Banging
First up is my band of 2019, my album of 2019, my 2nd best gig of 2019 (IDLES / Beak> Give a Shit Xmas bash pipped them, and McClusky close behind in 3rd). The blistering cacophony that is the St Pierre Snake Invasion, or to give them their proper title, TSPSI (it’s not). This one seems appropriate… “Anything can happen but you know it won’t”. It's Casanovacain...

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Category 2: Youth
As in, what I listened to in my youth. Those heady days after discovering my Dad’s huge record collection and going on to find something of my own. This, at 14, was all I cared about. Prince and The Revolution. The Purple One. I saw him on the Lovesexy tour and I took a day trip with my mates to go to the big smoke, firstly to the Odeon tosee the film of Sign of the Times before heading to Wembley Arena for the most incredible 2 hours of live music in my life. I could have picked so many – Let’s Go Crazy seems apt, the fragile beauty of Sometimes it Snows in April, the filth of Sister, Darling Nikki or Lady Cab Driver. Damn, the man could bang out 10 classic hits before lunchtime and still have a bit of filth left over. But, I went with Adore. I think it’s his best vocal performance, which is fuckin sayin something. Why not don a purple velvet suit and a ruff and go stick it on and mime sing it to whomever you’re locked down with? You never know, it might cheer em up

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Delorean Dynamite

Todd Terje

Category 3: Dancing
We all love a dance. It does ya good. Especially right now. Dancing round the kitchen with my boy Arthur is one of the things keeping me sane right now. I love so much dance music. Lost years at Lakota and Club Loco in Bristol and following DIY Soundsystem, going to Marcus Garvey and Skye club in Nottingham. I love a good jive. Heck I’ve even been known to ballroom. I could have picked Jon Hopkins, LCD Soundsystem, LFO, Lizzo, A Guy Called Gerald, Plastikman, or even this selection’s fellow countryman Lindstrom, but for out and out fun I usually turn to Todd Terje.

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Fite Dem Back

Linton Kwesi Johnson

Category 4: Heart
We’ve been doin that Joe Wicks’ PE stuff in this house. Knackering. Alternative is some sort of yoga channel. But when I need centering, when I need to feel my heart and listen to my soul, it’s always reggae, specifically dub. I could have picked Eek-A-Mouse, and if you haven’t ever heard him, correct that immediately. I could have picked Peter Tosh, a hero of mine, but here is the ultimate political dub master, the one, the only, Linton Kwezi Johnson. From his magnificent Forces of Victory album from 1978 – this is Fite Dem Back.

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Billy Nomates

Category 5: New
Well, this one was the most difficult. We all love a bit o new choons in this gang don’t we? It’s practically the driving force. And without any live music, we can spend more time looking for new stuff out there, or just something we have never heard before. Some stuff I’ve discovered recently such as Ghost Rider, Diabolique, Skinshape is all more than a year old now. No matter. It’s new to me. And brilliant. And some is new and noteworthy but without videos yet (damn), like the fantastic Yard Act from Leeds. But, the best tune out there at the moment, from the most inspiring woman ever, is by Bristol dynamo Billy No Mates, with her corker of a new tune called “NO”. I dare you to only listen to it once. You won’t.

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The Way We Were / Try to Remember

Gladys Knight & The Pips

Category 6: Sentimental
I called my folks today. On video call. It was shaking around at their end and they were pointing it at the ceiling most of the time. Arthur didn’t wanna know. Kept wandering off to play with his lego. Fair enough mate. But I do love them. And I am just glad everyone I love is safe and well. So, here’s one I used to listen to with my Mum. I could have gone for Tom Waits, or Nilsson, Ella Fitzgerald or even The Shangri-Las, but really when I think of my folks I think of Gladys Knight and The Way We Were. Bonus – with this mad cut video you get to sing along in Spanish… Altogether now… Memories….

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Aztec Drips


Category 7: Bristol
Our favourite boy band since Motorhead come from here. You know that. And a load of others. But the new scene is just as exciting. Along with my “New” pick Billy No Mates, and the ones you know about like Heavy Lungs, there’s Football FC, The Pleasure Dome, Sapphire Blues, Milo’s Planes, and these poppets, SANS, with their new one Aztec Drips:

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Solid Air

John Martyn

Category 8: Chill
We all need a bit of a relax at the moment right? Or have you seized up from all the lazing about? If your mind is racing and you need to calm, but don’t feel like playing dub so heavy it makes the neighbours come round and cough on you, you need a bit of summat ‘coustic. Of course, there’s always Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Joni Mitchell, This is The Kit or Rozi Plain, but for out and out bliss I find it hard to beat John Martyn. Hard drinkin John would by all accounts have been a nightmare to lockdown with. But when he played and sang he made a lovely noise. Here’s Solid Air, as we have all been moving through a bit of that recently.

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IV. Sweatpants

Childish Gambino

Category 9: Beats, Rhymes and Life
Assumptions Matthew… But I’m guessing there are more guitar-y peeps in here than hip-hop heads. Well I think everyone should have to listen to Kendrick Lamar by law. Go seek out MF Doom, especially Food album. Beastie Boys are my “good time every time” band. A big shout is Ocean Wisdom. I love his 2017 big-building tune Eye Contact. But my favourite hip hop track, and video, of the last 10 years, comes from someone who is now hugely famous, and rightly so. Back in 2014 he wrote this incredible album called Because the Internet and people started to take notice. It’s Childish Gambino, with Sweatpants…

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Babylon Sisters

Steely Dan

Category 10: Guilty Pleasure (no such thing)
Too many of these. No guilt. Hell, what would it matter? We’re all locked in anyway. It’s not like you can hear me playing Dire Straits, Pink Floyd or Duran Duran at full blast to shake off the cobwebs. But the band I chose here always make me feel warm and clean and “home”, like I just got outta the loveliest bath you can imagine, and have slipped in to my velvet smoking jacket (nothing else), and I’m pouring myself an Old Fashioned. It’s Steely Dan, and I could have picked lots of their classic tracks, but you all know them right? So I went with Babylon Sisters…

So that’s it. My Kinks, set in stone. No chance to mention Fugazi, Talking Heads, Joe Tex, Merle Haggard, Django. Fuck it. I’m going to go listen to them now. Be good. And don’t forget to dance. I love you all

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