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Tonight We Fly

The Divine Comedy

I joined the Afgang way back In September 2017 when if memory serves there was only around 280 members! Pretty large growth since then ?
I heard rumbles of this band called idles so looked them up on Youtube. I remember watching the video for Mother and thinking this song is rubbish. I am not really into shouty music that much generally.
I then went to Lattitude festival and could have seen Idles play twice. I didn’t. Finally I went to Standon Calling in July 2017 and my friend wanted to see Idles so I went with her. Outdoor stage. Torrential rain. First song started and I was hooked. Loved the mix of Bowen dancing around and Joes intensity. Stood there getting absolutely drenched and fell in love instantly and haven’t looked back since.
Im very lucky to have seen Idles play around 33 times since then with some epic legendary nights and more than that Ive met some absolute gems of humans who’ve become good friends of mine. The Afgang pre gig meet ups are just as important as the shows themselves.
Below are my top ten bangers and the stories behind them. Enjoy!

TDC are a band I got into when I was about 17 way back in 1997. I used to follow them around the country and must have seen them live over 60 times. This song never fails to make me cry and Id quite like it to be played at my funeral ( but not any time soon please, thank you very much

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I Think About You

David Devant and His Spirit Wife

At the same time as loving The Divine Comedy I also got into David Devant. A guy I met at gigs in London who I absolutely loved and was massively infatuated with as you only can when a teenager turned me onto them. Again I must have seen them live over 60 times and I would call them my all time favourite band.
This song is all about masturbating whilst thinking about your crush so was pretty apt back then and lets face it now ? I never even kissed my crush Matt back then or ever. He was a flouncy intellectual who liked blonde girls so I dont think he thought of me romantically unfortunately. I am now friends with Mikey the lead singer of Devant though and one of the best moments of my life was when he came to see the band I was in play.

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Suddenly, Seymour

Rick Moranis

I am a big fan of musicals and this ones one of my faves. This song is a duet but it didnt stop me performing it for my audition into Performing Arts College which I got into.
Those two years were awesome….singing, dancing and acting. It also showed me that its ok to be different as even though I was on a performing Arts course everyone in my class thought I was weird as I listened to Indie music and they were all mainstream. Although I did meet my best friend of the time at college who was on another course due to the fact I was wearing a Divine Comedy T-shirt…

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The State I Am in

Belle and Sebastian

Another band that I got into in my late teens and still love now, again Ive seen them live a million times.
This song and whole album its came from I played over and over again. Its got a great build to it.

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When I was in NY with my band everyone was going on about Fischerspooner and they happened to be playing whilst we were there. I remember queueing up outside the venue in the cold for hours and them coming on stage about 1 am and Id never seen anything like it! Throwing fake blood around and lots of writhing. I fking loved it and bought the album there and then. They then exploded onto the London scene and I used to go to a lot of electro nights back then where this was played. Good memories for me.

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Take Me To Broadway

Chilly Gonzales

At the same time as Peaches and Feist became big Chilly Gonzales hit the scene. He was the one writing all their songs and producing and being an absolute genius ( in his words) and I FKING LOVED HIM and still do. To me he is the sexiest man out there. He started off doing electro and rap and is now a famous pianist writing his own concertos. The highlight of my life is nearly going on a date with him. True story.

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I'm Desperate

BC Camplight

I only got into this band mid way through last year but I don’t think songs have ever connected with me more. This one particularly makes me lose my shit live.I love these songs more than Idles and The Murder Capital combined. Brian ( Mr BC) is a great guy with a great talent and wit and his live streams every Friday at 7pm are the current highlight of my week.

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Blinding Lights

The Weeknd

Due to the old Miley Cirus I caved and joined Tik Tok. There you will find a million videos of people doing a dance to this song. It is an absolute banger though.

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Don't Cling To Life

The Murder Capital

As im sure everyones aware I quite like this band. A lot. As much as Idles. Im very proud to be admin for Feeling Fades, the fan page for them.
In February I went to every single one of their UK shows on their tour, all over the country and I am so very glad I did. Even more poignant in our current situation.
I go to at least two gigs a week normally and many, many more than that usually so this lockdown situation is a bit of a change but Ive got into a rhythm now I think.
Very much looking forward to seeing you all at a gig soon.
Stay safe and love to you all.

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