LINKY LOCKDOWN – Scott Bissett

LINKY LOCKDOWN – Scott Bissett
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If She Knew What She Wants

The Bangles

Well, hey there, beautiful people. I’m Scott, 47, databasey-type guy – I won’t explain exactly what I do, because my darling daughter is also in this group and it would ruin the fun of no members of my family being able to explain to anyone what I do for a living.
If you’re reading this now, I am one of The Chosen, and what you’re hopefully about to listen to and appreciate is in no way my all-time top 10, it’s just a bunch of things I enjoy and you might too. It’s in my High Fidelity DNA to obsess over these kinds of lists and try to get them perfect, so you’ll understand the struggle I had just to pick out 10 good songs and stop there, without over-thinking everything right down to the running order. Blame my mix tape upbringing.
Headphones on. Long live the open minded. It’s a beautiful thing.

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to start or end with this. I don’t do guilty pleasures, I just do pleasures. There are two types of music in this world, good music and bad music. This is my favourite band which doesn’t feature a dentist cavorting in his unnerthangs. Has been since I was 12, back in the glory days of the late 1800s. Or something. Perfect, jangly, shimmering pop with harmonies to die for.

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Hell Yeah

Neil Diamond

I love a good late career redemption arc. The point where an artist, seeing the clock tick down, makes a real statement. Neil Diamond saw what Rick Rubin did for Johnny Cash, and decided he wanted a piece of that action.

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Rise Above This


I’m of the opinion that everyone needs somewhere to go when the black dog is snarling at the gate. I know I do, and in the years before I knew what KFG meant, this was where I went. This song means so much to me that I have the title inked on my skin forever. Here’s Rise Above

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Into Dust

Mazzy Star

There are a handful of singers who transcend “just” being a singer. Their voice itself becomes an instrument. Hope Sandoval is one of them. I knew I was gonna have Mazzy Star in this list. Fade Into You was the obvious choice, and anyone of a certain age in the mid-90s will agree it’s a beautiful thing. But just a little too obvious. Conversely the 7 minute trance of whispers and squalling feedback of So Tonight That I Might See was too obscure and reeked of acheing for coolness. So here’s the perfect middle ground. Into Dust.

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Can't You See

The Marshall Tucker Band

Not going to lie, I have a soft spot for sunny, country-tinged 60s and 70s harmonies. They make me want to walk barefoot in long grass with the sun on my back. I could have picked any one of a dozen songs which fit the bill, but went for one of the lesser known ones, just because more people should hear it.

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Baby Goodnight

Marisa And The Moths

Now for something which doesn’t have cobwebs. New new music. This lot randomly popped up in my Facebook feed a couple of weeks back and became a new obsession. Peppered with grunge and indie seasoning, here’s Marisa and the Moths – Baby Goodnight.

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Saint Etienne

Another band which have seen me through the best part of three decades, my favourite track isn’t one of the hits. It didn’t even appear on an album. It’s an obscure b-side, and filled with the most beautiful longing. This is Saint Etienne – Sushi Rider.

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Bus Stop Boxer


I’d been vaguely aware of Eels prior to hearing this. Susan’s House had been a hit a few years before. Late one night in 2002, a friend messaged and sent me an MP3, and told me I should listen to it. He was, of course, correct. This was, and remains, a game changer. Are you a misfit? An outsider? A beautiful freak? This is for you. Bus Stop Boxer.

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Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Elton John

No waffle required. Someone, somewhere needs to hear this today. I love you. We love you. You are enough. Elton John – Someone Saved My Life Tonight.

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Dead Kennedys

If our favourite boy band from Bristol since Kajagoogoo are the Omega of my punk loves, this lot are the Alpha. This is where it all started for me. At their best, particularly live, enthralling, shot through to the core with humour, and utterly, utterly incendiary, this is Riot by Dead Kennedys.

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