LINKY LOCKDOWN – Penelope Miranda

LINKY LOCKDOWN – Penelope Miranda
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Don Palabras

Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del 5to. Patio

So, I'm Penélope and I'm here to take over the kinky linky in Spanish because yes, I'm Mexican and I want the AFGang to give some bands in Spanish a chance. We (I mean, Latinamerican folks) are used to listen to a lot of music in English, even when we don't understand the lyrics... So, sit back, feet up, pour some tequila if you have it (or pretend the beverage of your choice is tequila)...

Here we go:

Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio, Don Palabras. When I was a teenager, gigs where forbidden in Mexico City. I remember the first massive concert was Rod Stewart's (which was, and still is, like going to see my aunt singing, so no thank you). Bands like "Maldita" (a combination of ska, punk and latin rythms) where playing small gigs in houses, wastelands or bars, illegally. This song is one of my favourites.

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La Garra

Santa Sabina

Santa Sabina, La garra. This group is legendary, at least here in Mexico. The singer, Rita Guerrero, was my equivalent of Siouxie.

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El Tlatoani del barrio

Café Tacvba

Café Tacvba, El tlatoani del barrio. Maybe not the most popular song of this band, but this one has become my earworm in the last few days, and picking one out of this album is really, really hard. Café Tacvba and this album, Re, was the soundtrack of my life during highschool. They showed us it was possible to mix traditional Mexican songs and Latin rhythms with rock, punk, disco and even hardcore. This video reminds me of IDLES NFAMWAP... And now that I think of it, maybe the topic is similar too...

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Mal Bicho

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Mal Bicho. If you want me to take over the dance floor, this would be enough: Reggae, ska, salsa, and whatever you may together with a pinch of rock and football stadium vibe (yes, they are Argentinian).

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Caifanes, Nubes. This is what you may call a generation hymn. The singer, at the band's beginnings, wanted to look like Robert Smith. He didn't quite make it, but he gave us one of the most beautiful lyrics in the so called "rock en tu idioma" (rock in your language, a kind of movement to promote rock bands singing in Spanish in Latin America).

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El Alma y el Cuerpo

Bomba Estéreo

Bomba Estéreo, El alma y el cuerpo. This song is just amazing. I dare you not to dance to it.

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Gustavo Cerati

Gustavo Cerati, Raíz. Do you remember the first time you recognise your heart broken, because you actually loved someone? Well, this song is that to me.

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Molotov, Puto. This is an absolutelly inappropriate song. Not for permanently offended ears, but very appropriate if you want to jump to it.

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Mr. P-Mosh

Plastilina Mosh

Plastilina Mosh, Mr. P. Mosh. Someone said bad taste and irreverence? Give this a chance. I don't know exactly why but they remind me of The Offspring, maybe I'm wrong.

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