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Bring The Noise

Public Enemy

Hi everyone, its me paul,
I've been a member since the days of 3 digits.
these kinky linkys are hopefully in chronological order of when I first heard them, all having a major impact on my listening.

The summer of 88, butlins minehead, an impressionable 15 year old boy, this cassette was on repeat and blew me away, politically and musically.

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Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Jimi Hendrix

cant remember exactly when I first heard this, probably similar time to PE, I often feel Jimi gets forgotten about these days, but jimi changed the way guitar can sound, every guitarist wanted it.
he also made feel like I could stand up next to mountain and chop it down the edge of my hand

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Fight Like A Brave

Red Hot Chili Peppers

the early nineties gave me the chilis
the uplift mofo party plan is a top album
keep on fighting like a brave, no one can tell you youve got to be afraid

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To Defy The Laws Of Tradition


the first primus song I heard, probably about 1990, there are 2 types of bassist, flea, that strains every sinew in his body, and les, that makes it look effortless .
best bassist ever

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The Sugarcubes

BJORK, when this came out In 92 I absolutely fell in in love with her, still am
one of THE greatest singer/songwriters
(gave me goosies when I just watched this)

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C'mon Billy

PJ Harvey

95, my introduction to PJ, from a great album,
I adore her work nearly as much as bjork

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Shore Leave

Tom Waits

the first waits song I heard,
somewhere in the 90s
absolute legend, person I'd most like to see live, but doubt it will happen
his narratives put you right in the song

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This Year

The Mountain Goats

mid 00s led me to this man, glad it did
an extensive back catalogue of fantastic writing
(we WILL make it through this year if it kills us)

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A Snowflake in Winter


love these boys, an angelic voiced 2 piece to counter JOHNS gruffness, should have been seeing them soon for my birthday, but will have to wait for the rearranged date

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I Will Survive - Single Version

Gloria Gaynor

decided to dedicate the last one to my wife, we met in 96, the obligatory "best song ever" question came up, this was her answer.
she was a carer then, shes a senior social worker now, flying through the eye of this covid shit storm, in an already decimated social care system.
eternal thanks to all the key workers I wish I had chosen to dedicate my life to helping others.
we will survive

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