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Having a brother who is 12 years older than me, meant growing up listening to whatever was his flavour of the month. Fortunately he was just the right age for punk to grab him by the scruff of the neck. But before that there was a lot of prog
This takes me back to sneaking into his room when he was at school and playing his records!

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Get Ur Freak On

Missy Elliott

Now I don’t have a wide ranging taste in music. In fact generally speaking unless its slightly shouty skinny, white boys then I’m not interested. But Missy breaks all those rules.It makes me wanna get my freak on big time J

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Black Elvis


Many years ago, back when Saturday morning music TV was still a thing, this flashed across the screens. I was hooked. A few months later they played a little place in Nottingham near the station and I went along. I hadn’t heard of the Membranes, so John Robb was new to me. This encounter also made me write my first and only fan-girl letter…not to John! My love affair with this band has never waned.

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Beat My Guest

Adam & The Ants

Talking of love affairs. My one and only. Some of his stuff may be pure pop, but some of it is much edgier. I think my mother was having kittens when she actually listened to some of the lyrics that my 10/11 year old self was singing along to.

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Tied Up in Nottz

Sleaford Mods

A few years back, like many people in their 40s, I was firmly in a musical rut. And it was a pretty comfy rut. I had no real desire to leave. But then this little Nottingham band started to creep into wider public view. I heard them, was a bit meh, but then saw them life and suddenly it all made sense. I know they are marmite, so just keep on moving by if you don’t like ‘em. But if it wasn’t for them, I would have never found Idles. Oh and there is some bus seat porn for Brian

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And whilst we are in Nottingham’s musical wastelands, this lot inspired my one and only tattoo (they hurt!!) I have a soft spot for new metal. And this is my favourite intro EVER. Must be played loud. And I mean turn it up to 11.

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Moral Fibre


Idles changed my life. I got to meet and make friends with some amazing new people. And they made me pay attention to the new music scene, something which I thought was long behind me if I am honest. This lot, who I believe might be from Hull (maybe? I think it was mentioned in passing) are definitely my pic of the crop.

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West Side Story: Act I: America

Leonard Bernstein

I love a 50’s musical. Who doesn’t? This is simply the best of the best.

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