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Seneca Falls

The Distillers

The soundtrack to my second and third year at uni was Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4. Many beautiful hours were spent playing that game with my housemates. It was packed with absolute bangers, and Seneca Falls by The Distillers is completely evocative of that time in my life.

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Volcano Girls

Veruca Salt

This, and other riot grrrl, bands were really important to me when I was a teenager properly starting to get into music.

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Not my favourite Pixies song, but a great one to move your arse to. I love them.

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Waiting for Changes


I listened to a lot of Feeder at school and at sixth form college, and spent a lot of uni nights out bouncing around to their songs at Cardiff’s alternative club nights. This song has taken on new meaning since I moved to North London and recognise a lot of the references.

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Here It Goes Again


This band makes some of the best music videos around. It’s worth falling down a YouTube black hole with OK Go. Here it Goes Again

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Their eponymous debut was a pretty perfect album, by my reckoning. I still think it holds up.

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Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)


Probably the best band in the world.

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I Want You to Want Me

Letters To Cleo

I’ll fight anyone who says that Ten Things I Hate About You isn’t a bloody brilliantly film. It has some great music in it, and this band features prominently. Letters to Cleo’s cover of I Want You to Want Me always makes me smile.

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Jump in the Line

Harry Belafonte

Close your eyes and imagine you’re in Beetlejuice. My cat enjoys this one. Honest.

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