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bit about me. I'm 58 years old. I have been buying records since I was 10 and going regularly to gigs since I was 14. I have tried not to overthink this. I wrote down the first 15 tracks that came to mind and whittled it down to 10. Here goes!

I first saw this band in 1978 and have continued to see them as often as possible ever since. They never look back, only forwards. The first time I saw them they had just released their second album but they didn't play any of it, they played the next album, I loved that. I give you Wire with the phenomenal 99.9.

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The Pink Room

Angelo Badalamenti

I am obsessed with Twin Peaks and David Lynch in general. Together with Angelo Badalementi he has created some astonishing soundtracks to his work. This is my favourite, The Pink Room.

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Temporary Thing

Lou Reed

Another life long favourite. I have virtually everything he has recorded. On any day I would give you a different song of his, today it is this. Lou Reed - Temporary Thing.

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Ping Pong Affair

The Slits

My favourite song from one of my all time favourite albums. Written by Viv Albertine, it's about Mick Jones don'tcha know?

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Mind Your Own Business

Delta 5

Original post-punk from Leeds and a frequent earworm. I defy you not to dance to this! Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business.

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The Rakes

How these guys never made it huge still baffles me. An incendiary live band. The Rakes - Strasbourg.

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Is Vic There?

Department S

In the past year I have fulfilled one of my life long dreams by deejaying in a local pub. This one goes down a storm.

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Everything Will Probably Be OK - unlisted track

The Burning Hell

Let's finish on an upbeat note. I discovered this band 3 or 4 years ago and have been obsessed ever since. There's a large back catalogue to discover and I strongly urge that you do. The very definition of DIY and Ariel and Mathias are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.

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