LINKY LOCKDOWN – Cormac Dowling

LINKY LOCKDOWN – Cormac Dowling
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Wünderbar - Single Version

Tenpole Tudor

Hello from Dublin Ireland, originally from Tullamore in the middle of the country I have been in Dublin since 1991, married with 2 girls, a member of AFG since September 2018, very honoured if I get selected to have some tunes I liked put up for you all. The AFG and in particular Idles music meant so much to me at a time when I lost my best friend and best music buddy and with hindsight I was completely mental for about 12 months, but seeing Idles and having the AFG to write mad crap in was so helpful, AIL.

Definitely an inspiration to The Vaccines, representing all the crazy great variety of tunes & styles around at the start of the 1980’s, also surprised that German soccer fans haven’t stolen it yet, its Ten Pole Tudor and Wunderbar

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The Safety Dance

Men Without Hats

Loved this song at the time, then about 3 or 4 years ago I was at Despacio Sound System ( (James Murphy and 2ManyDJ’s ) at Electric Picnic ( remember music festivals ?! )and they have the 12” version mixed in, and myself and my friends bopped around for ages S.S.S.S., A.A.A.A., F.F.F.F., E.E.E.E., ?.?.,Y.Y.Y.Y, Its Safety Dance 12” by Men without Hats

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My Perfect Cousin

The Undertones

When you’re in school and you have loads of relations and your mam keeps comparing you to one of them at results time , also perfect use of the human league in lyrics !……. Undertones, My Perfect Cousin

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Guns In The Sky


Liking a lot of Ozzie bands at the moments, but these were my first, what a lead singer, very fond of his vitamin C, its INXS, Guns in The Sky

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Frankly, Mr. Shankly - 2011 Remaster

The Smiths

I was looking for a job, and then I got a job and heaven knew this song meant so much more to me. It’s a live version from 1986, no smart phones then, it probably took a team of four to carry all the recording equipment ! It’s The Smiths, Frankly Mr Shankly

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Endless Art

A House

If like me you are stuck at home now then this one is for you, at the start of this song you can hear the landlady putting out plates as they started to record on the Aran islands, they decided to keep it in. A House, I think I’m going mad.

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Bug Powder Dust - Kruder & Dorfmeister Session

Bomb The Bass

I also like a lot of dance / techno Love all kinds from novelty ones trip to trumpton etc to pounding pounding techno music, these guys have a lot to with it. Bomb the Bass with Bug Powder Dust

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Love's a Liability


This band should have been huge. I absolutely loved them, and they were always brilliant live. I was at the last gig they did before Christmas and tore the place apart with this one as part of the encore. Otherkin with Loves a Liability

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I don’t like to go on about these guys (Emoji)…..but for me these are going to be the next great Irish band and there are plenty of those coming up but they probably need to make it in the UK. These guys are just brilliant and very loud live. This is THUMPER, (You’re bringing me) Down

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Someone Great

LCD Soundsystem

Last but not least and I had to sit for a while to decide which one would be last so its this , and its for my best friend Nigel , miss you so much, heartfelt sympathies to anyone having a shit time right now too as a result of Cyrus the virus. Its LCD Soundsystem , Someone Great

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