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Under The Moon Of Love


Hi AFGANG, I’m Chris from Doncaster, UK. As soon as I saw that Kinky Linky’s were up for grabs I knew I had to have a go. As a (very old) new dad to Alfie, I can’t wait to introduce him to all the great music I’ve got to know and love over the years. Now seems to be a particularly vibrant time for great new music and I hope to be still gigging long into old age. Here are my choices, whittled down from the best part of 50 songs.

My first recollection of this marvellous thing we know as music was my mum’s old ‘radiogram’ sideboard/record player thingy that used to take pride of place in the lounge of our semi. There was a limited supply of records to play on this beauty but there was definitely loads and loads and loads of Cliff. I remember Glen Campbell’s Greatest Hits, and the ‘cool’ me would probably choose Wichita Lineman because it’s near perfect, but this is Kinky Linky, and this is an absolute banger from another Greatest Hits Album I remember.

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Banned From The Pubs

Peter and the Test Tube Babies

So I became a Punk. This happened around 1982 when I was 13 so I was a bit of a rubbish Punk with a very normal haircut and a home painted leather jacket. I seem to remember the logic being that the ‘cock of the year’ (not sure how that translates outside of Yorkshire) was also a Punk, thereby offering me protection from any forthcoming beatings I may have had coming. I did love the music too, but was too late for The Clash, Pistols, Damned, Buzzcocks etc. My ‘Clash’ were Peter And The Test Tube Babies, my ‘London Calling’ was Pissed And Proud. I still love Banned From The Pubs, and coincidently the record got banned from our house when my dad heard it (as did Pearl’s Café by The Specials) so I had to hide it inside another sleeve and only listen on headphones.

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One Better Day


The first band I saw of my own free will was Madness in 1982, and I still love them to this day. I went with my best mate and we both managed to get signed programmes (long story) but some scumbag nicked one of them from underneath our seats while we were up dancing. I still have ‘our’ copy to this day. There’s so many great songs I could choose but I just adore this lesser known love story about two homeless people.

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Friday Night

The Talks

My other love, alongside Punk, was 2 Tone. I loved the energy and the fact that the bands preached similar messages of tolerance to our favourite Bristolian boyband. One of my favourite bands of the last 10 years were The Talks from Hull, who embodied the spirit of 2 Tone. I first came across them as a support (always go in time for the Support acts, people) and saw them dozens of times before they split a couple of years ago.

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Better Use Your Head

Little Anthony & The Imperials

I’ve always been a bit of a Soul Boy at heart, and this is my favourite ‘Northern Soul’ track. I missed out on the whole Wigan scene due to being too young. I’m not a very good dancer either but like to think I’d have given this one a good go back in the day.

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Summer Girl


Did I tell you I used to play the violin? I actually played it really well. Unfortunately, Grade 8 violin is pretty low down on the ‘Rock God’ stakes so my younger Brother, Nick, continues to live out my rock god fantasises for me. He is ‘93millionmilesfromthesun’ and makes a cracking shoegazy racket. Well worth checking out live if they do one of their infrequent live appearances anywhere near you.

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Misty Blue

Dorothy Moore

I’ve very little to say about this song, but it’s about as perfect as music gets. I could listen to this all day and never get bored.

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Sheffield: Sex City


Oh how I loved Britpop. Labour Government, Euro ’96, seemingly never ending summers sat in beer gardens and guitar bands everywhere. Of all the bands from this period I think Blur, and Pulp came out of it the best. This is an earlier Pulp song, but it’s great and I got to see them play it live at their farewell show at Sheffield Arena.

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Tramp the Dirt Down

Elvis Costello

Growing up in South Yorkshire in the 70’s and 80’s, the Miner’s Strike loomed large. To this day, I still hate Thatcher and everything that Tory government stood for. I may have changed my musical tastes over the years, but I will never vote for a right wing party as long as I live. This ‘tribute’ to Thatcher had to be in there, even though the music on the recorded version sounds a little mawkish nowadays. This is a visceral live performance and an interview that somewhat explains the song.

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