Brian's Daily Update

Saturday September 5, 2020

Good morning AFG
Grey. Blue. Breeze.
This mornings bus tunes: It’s all there but you are dreaming.
False Heads.
Stumbled across this album by chance yesterday.
Why did I not know about this before?
Holy Shit.
I like a lot.
This mornings bus smells: The Sea
Driver status : The older Wendy James returns. She’s obviously now frantically changing her work rotas to ensure she gets to see me in the morning.
This is bound to be the case. 😳
Seat obtained. AAA
It’s Friday already, how the fuck did that happen so fast?
It’s cool though, we like Fridays,not as much as we like Mondays but Fridays are definitely second best.
Have I had the AAA everyday this week?
I can’t remember.
Is someone out there keeping a spreadsheet of my daily seating arrangements?
I do hope so.
Would make a great T Shirt.
*note to self: Look into bus ramble merch. Everyone needs a tee shirt in their life that highlights the AAA.
The young Bob Ross returns and sits pretty in the AA.
Considering my AAA would have been available when he entered the love bus of romance and future dreams this morning and chose the AA as his own Is a very very good thing indeed.
You see in his little teenage head, the one that sits under the mass of a pubic hair type natural perm the size of a rugby ball he has taken what he has decided to be his own AAA.
My AAA is the young Bobs AA and my AA is his AAA.
It’s not confusing at all.
It’s already got the makings of a Netflix special.
Giving the young Mr Ross the side eye this morning I can confirm he still looks very tidy and smart.
His £12 shoes from George at ASDA faired well at their first day in big school.
That will not last long.
The young Bob Ross chin on window looks like he’s daydreaming away already.
Good lad.
I like him already.
The only other person to join is again today is Card Factory Bob Hoskins in his Arsenal face mask and horrific polo shirt.
He doesn’t look very happy tbh. That will be the polo shirt sucking the life out of him for sure.
Film idea. Card Factory staring Bob Hoskins.
A rip off of Football Factory but instead of being based on the homoerotic pastime of football violence it’s centred around the world of birthday cards and overly expensive sellotape.
Must call Guy Richie.
He will be all over that shit.
Is shorts and a tee still acceptable today?
Will I get nippy.
Answers on a post card please.
Off to the arcades tomorrow along Southend seafront. A little treat for the boy AKA 5 of 5.
He starts big big school on Monday and let’s just say he’s shitting himself about it.
Tears have been had already.
I hate it. I want to make it better for him. I want to take all of that fear and worry and anxiety out of him and I’ll suffer for him instead.
He’s a sensitive soul. If I can take his mind off of Monday morning just for a few hours but giving him £20 in pound coins for the arcade plus burgers and milkshakes etc I’m sure it will help a bit.
I hope.
All of my work colleagues return to The Towers on Monday.
I’ve have worked alone there for the last six months.
I’m a bit in two minds about them all coming back.
The endless conversations of small talk, the gossip and all that bollocks that I just don’t have the time for or even give a flying fuck for.
And there’s obviously the risk of one of them bring Miley Cyrus with them making my very own private and very safe working bubble not that anymore at all.
Oh well.
Adapt or die.
Or both……
Be good
Be nice
Be cool
Listen to more My Pleasure Dome.
I Am I
I love you all
You love you all
I love you baby. ❤️
Enjoy today and fucking own it.
It’s yours, it’s always been yours. Do not let any other cunt tell you otherwise x