Brian's Daily Update

Friday November 20, 2020

Good morning AFG
Cold. Cold. Fuck me it’s cold.
This mornings bus tunes. Spirit. Depeche Mode.
This mornings bus smells. Cold.
Driver status. The shaved Roland Rat returns.
He looks cold.
He’s not happy.
Seat obtained. AAA
Oh hello the AAA.
Is this the first time I’ve had the AAA this week?
I can’t remember.
I think it might be.
Little project for one of you if you ever find your self dead bored at home.
Search the AFG for the word ‘ Morning’ and find all my morning waffle posts.
Create a fabulous spread sheet then convert into PowerPoint all of my bus seat locations over the last 2 and a bit years.
Quick mental maths this morning tells me that this is roughly Morning Waffle post 648.
Shouldn’t take you too long.
Think of the fun and joy and pride the day you can present it to the group.
No, don’t blame you either.
This bus is cold.
It’s fucking cold outside this morning coming in a two degrees centipede. It’s at least minus 15 on inside this bus this morning as the great heating wall of death blows out at a powerful pace freezing cold air.
What a bastard.
Definitely doing this on purpose. It’s a protest of some shorts but there are so many protests nowadays I’ve lost track on which one this could be.
I’ll call Billy Bragg later. He will know. Billy always knows this sort of thing.
Absolutely no one of note with me on this blue single decker of ice cold love and romance this morning.
Three faceless weeping angels occupy three random locations in C class. Coats from George, dead eyes and disposable face masks that all look like they should had binned and replaced months ago.
Liquid Covid.
You beautiful beautiful thing you.
This four day week for me has flown by.
One is very very happy that it has, not that I’m counting down the days or anything but I’m totally counting down the days.
The UK lockdown due to end in 13 days it’s will just be nice to know it’s not there for a change.
We can all go out and spend money we don’t have buying presents for people we don’t really like, again. Have a drink, have a dance and smile.
January? Yeah. Locked down again no doubt.
Will happily take this one month on one month off for as long as it takes.
I’m actually in the wear a mask, wash your hands and can we just fucking get on with it please camp.
Absolutely no idea why I’ve decided to talk about this today.
Keep your eye out for the Joe Talbot AFG Tee today.
No I have absolutely no idea what time it will happen.
Very limited stock. Definitely buy one for your mum for Christmas. She told me yesterday it’s all she ever wanted.
T Shirt Day today?
I’m still a tad confused what this actually means as I wear one everyday anyway.
Today’s tee off choice?
Must get a few of them beautiful humans into Goth Kitchen one day.
So cold on this bus I might actually not make it off this bus alive as I end my days like Jack In The Shining.
Not a good look to leave.
Work, home, one more episode of The Crown as I’m eating my tea then absolutely fuck all again for another few days.
Such as ( my ) life.
Enjoy today.
Keep warm.
Drink hot coffee
Dance to keep warm.
Smile. Please smile more.
Talk to people. Talk to anyone. Use the AFG if you need too. Our community is something very special indeed and I’ve never seen support like it.
You are never alone.
I love you
You love you all
I love you baby. ❤️