Brian's Daily Update

Wednesday August 26, 2020

Good Morning AFGWind. Wind. Fucking wind. #fuckmeitswindy

This mornings bus tunes. The Pleasure Dome. Four tracks on Spotify from this Bristol four piece. Listen. It’s fucking great. You will love.

This mornings bus smells: Fish. I don’t want to know why.

Driver status; Andy Bell from Erasure. Nice to still him still working.

Seat obtained. AAA

Fuck yeah boi.

AAA again. I’m actually on the earlier bus as it arrived exactly when I did at the bus stop of opportunity. I always get to the bus stop a good five minutes early. This is key to my morning routine due to the creature of habit one had found himself to be. The bus was there. I waved my arms in the air ‘ like I just don’t care’ getting the attention of Mr Bell and here I am. Not my normal bus, not my normal Graceland. But she will do just fine this morning.

Strange day for me yesterday. Everything ok but the routine was broken. The right things happening at the wrong times. I honestly think sometimes if I could be anyone I’d be Phil in Groundhog Day. I could live that life for a bit. I’m already taking today to be a better day all in. So much to do at work and no time to it. It’s the perfect way for me to work , under pressure. The sense of achievement at the end is like a drug.

I’m not going to waffle to much this morning as i know you have other things on your mind.Ultra Mono Tour tickets. You’ve got the link, it should get posted back out to you again this morning too.

Keep it cool. Do what you can with what you have to play with. Don’t stress to much. Of you are successful this morning please post about it. I wanna see lots of happy posts this morning from lots of happy people. Attach a photo too! Fuck yes. Show me what your ‘ look how happy I look on a Wednesday morning ‘ face is. Good fucking luck.

Today is not the only opportunity remember. We get to go again on Friday. There might be something happening on Friday morning to help you but I’m not allowed to talk about this yet so I will shut up for now. Good fucking luck again And Yes, we all agree Booking fees are a cunt and the work of God but they are what they are and such as life. Please remember to.

Do not ever buy any tickets from anyone online especially FB that you do not know. I

f you are unsuccessful this week please try and Buy only from your friends or Use Twickets. FB is full of parasites that are here just to rip you off. Those parasites would have also joined the AFG too just to steal your money and piss you off. Total Cunts. Please. I hate to hear of people getting burnt. It happens every tour.

Be cool

Be nice




If you’ve got nothing nice to say please shut up.

Love yourself before anyone else.

Fingers at the ready

The Dog Shit Monday tour is finally going to happen.

I Am I

I love you all

You love you all

I love you baby. ❤️

See you all tonight with Boss and Mum for our AF Calling chat with little Arloat 8pm

Laters. Xx