Brian's Daily Update

Wednesday November 11, 2020

Good morning AFG
Warm. Grey. Damp.
Not rain or mist or even fog.
What is fog?
What’s the difference between mist and fog apart from the spelling?
Are they related?
Did they both go to the same school?
Why do I think such things.
Why do I over think these things.
This mornings bus tunes. Acts of fear and love. Slaves.
Oh, it’s a cracker.
I love the slower stuff these two do occasionally. Don’t get me wrong I love the boom bash that they have always done so well but tracks like Daddy and the first part of Photo Opportunity.
This mornings bus smells. Roasted human. The great heating wall of death is on one today. It’s taking out the humans of B class like there is no tomorrow and yet still they come.
Driver status.
A new one.
Looks like a young Albert Steptoe.
He’s so new he has an Arriva teacher of love with him dressed head to foot in day-glow giving him pointers and tips on the best way to drive a bus.
Why so much day-glow?
It’s not like we can’t see the bus guru as it is.
Seat obtained AAA.
Week complete.
A full house.
Today is my last working day of the week and the AAA has been mine since Monday.
She’s sulking this morning. Someone has obviously told her I’m not back here till Tuesday and she’s making it known she’s upset she will be in not seeing me.
She’s so demanding…….for a bus seat.
Fuck it’s hot on here.
I don’t think I will survive this.
Got home last night to even more Christmas decorations up in the lounge of Mimpress mansions.
I say mansions, it’s not it’s a three bed council house that couldn’t be less like a fucking mansion If you tried.
What It looks like this now after yesterday is the bloody Christmas isle in fucking Tesco.
‘ Do you like it?’ they ask.
I wish they wouldn’t.
The truth often offends.
I sat there last night after everyone had gone to bed looking at the grotto that has been created and will be with us for the next 7 weeks.
Frank the cat joined me.
He walked in so slowly his paws almost not touching the floor as he came towards me and with one flawless leap jumped and sat on my lap.
He’s a big boy. A heavy cat with his new winter coat he looks glorious at the moment. He sat on my lap as we both looked around the room at the tinsel and the the tatt.
He eventually pushed his face up to mine and looked straight at me before pushing his face into mine and giving me a little nudge.
I was if he was just telling me that he understands and it’s ok as we will both get through this together.
He jumped back down and with one final eye roll at the tree of doom he left the room.
Frank knows.
Frank has always known.
Huge waffle.
Goth Kitchen tonight at 8pm if you fancy it. Apart from releasing one fabulous album I know absolutely nothing else about Miss Ross. Perfect. Exactly how I like it.
Join me and we shall find out stuff.
That’s me done then. Five days off work after today.
See you next Tuesday 😃😃
I love you all.
You love you all
I love you baby. ❤️