Brian's Daily Update

Tuesday November 10, 2020

Good morning AFG
Nice. Warm. Mist.
Have just been thinking about this. What is mist?
What makes mist mist?
It’s just water like rain.
Is it just lightweight rain that can’t be bothered you dive bomb the earth?
To lazy to fall.
‘ I can’t be arsed Gary’
‘ think I’m just going to hover in the air abit. Float into some faces I think. First one to get the big horns blowing on the big ships out on the estuary gets a biscuit’
As if mist eats biscuits.
This mornings bus tunes.
My love Is cool. Wolf Alice.
So much love for this album
So much love for this album still.
Can’t believe it’s four years old already.
Dream Goth Kitchen guests I think.
Just need to find a way of getting hold of them.
This morning bus smells. MASK. New mask day 2
My original mask that I have been wearing since Armageddon day zero died on Sunday. The little elastic strap got stuck in the drum of the tumble dryer from hell and he decapitated itself. Good mask that. Good size and a nice deep green colour.
He served me well.
Held a cremation for him on Sunday afternoon that Sandra bloody gate crashed.
The bitch.
I should have thought she would.
Driver Status. Bella Emburg once again. She’s becoming a regular now.
Which is nice.
Seat obtained AAA
Day two this week and the AAA once again
She was very happy to see me this morning and gave off a little groan as my peachy lowered itself onto her.
Normally I’d have a word with her about such a vocal and public display of affection but it’s lockdown once again and there are so few people here with me.
It’s hard to reprimand a bus seat especially in public…..
I forgot that lockdown two, the empire strikes back would take away so many of the faces I like to see each morning.
Obviously the Card Factory crew are now off work for a month happy in the knowledge that choose a retail job selling greeting cards instead of a job in Lidi that would still require them to go in each day.
I hope their leader Bob Hoskins is doing his role and keeping up the spirits of Bonsai and the rest of the crew.
If it’s anything like the rest of Southend at the moment they are all meeting in the parks during the day while consuming vast quantities of Essex weed.
Hold it together Bob.
For us….
Prawn Cocktail is still nowhere again. So does she work in retail too?
I need to know.
I think I’ll take a day off soon once she’s back and depart this single blue vessel of love and follow her to see where she goes.
I’m just interested
Call it research
Actually, is that legal?
Could possibly be seen as a bit creepy.
Explain that one to PC Plum.
So maybe I won’t.
Maybe the not knowing is better than the truth as it is I think Is true for almost every other aspect of modern life.
Waffle today folks.
I must have had a good nights sleep.
Going to drop a few mails today and get a few guests booked in for GOTH KITCHEN for December
I think I’ve done about 15 GK now.
We are working on stripping down the audio file to to get them over to Spotify as a podcast.
This only makes it easier to listen to for some.
Personally I’m in two minds about this turn of events for the only reason is that if you listen to them instead of watch you don’t get to see my beautiful face.
Want to try and get GK back to fortnightly. It just makes it easier for me.
Both bands I want to contact today it’s a scandal they haven’t been on as yet. Both AFG favourites I know it could work well.
Talked shit today I’ve arrived at the towers already.
Must shoot.
Have a fantastic Tuesday.
Own it.
I love you all
You love you all
I love you baby. ❤️