Brian's Daily Update

Thursday July 30, 2020

Good morning AFG Hot. Hot. Hot. #kissmekissmekissmeThis mornings bus tunes: Arm playlist. This mornings bus smells: Nothing. Fuck you hayfever Driver Status. Uncle Albert. Seat obtained. AAADay four of five on the seat that just keeps on giving. Last day of the working week tomorrow, can I make it a full house for the first time in long and blagg the AAA for the full week? We shall see. If it’s anything like this morning all will be good as I am currently the only fucker on this single decker blue love bus of romance. I am Elvis and this bus is my Graceland. Bus has even arrived in town and not one fucker had got on. Honestly, what the fuck am I meant to talk about if there is no one here with he to discuss. Where art thou Sir Larry of Littleheadshire? Lady Prawny. Baby come back. Bastards. Remind me to buy Martin Gore a beer one night just to thank him. Goth Kitchen last night. These things are sent to test us. Lovely Jack fucking off around the world to work for our favourite boy band from Bristol since Zigg and Zagg thus meaning the fabulous DITZ have to get used to him not being there had to do it again last night as Jack turned up for the chat in mega hot Portugal in a full black jumper bringing with him the worst internet connection of the world. He tried , bless him Thank fuck for Cal, absolute loved taking to him so we got through it. I really enjoyed it. It’s nice for me about five minutes in when you can see these people relax with me , I’ve seen it now in almost all of the chats I’ve done. Next week and for the next few weeks we move back into the world of AFG Calling where Boss, Mum and I have a conversation with members of our community. First up is Haley and Russ who put out the I’m Scum Podcast and have just celebrated their first full year. I believe the week after that we have AFG fairy godmother Nadia coming in to talk to us about something she has been working on. Was there ever a better way to spend your Wednesday nights? No is da answer. Still no one on this bus, I’m almost over half way to the Towers and not one other fucker has entered this bus. Social distancing gone mad? Darren Brown again? I brought Vince Clarke a beer once. Waffled enough. Random day for sure Brain dump therapy. Thank you. Be nice Be coolBe smart Dance Sing Love Do the washing up, that plate has been there for days. Smile and smile again , it forces the brain into believing you are happy snd it works. It’s magic. Hug Hug and hug again Butterflies Make that phone callSend that text. Talk Listen to more Highly Suspect but only the first two albums as the third one was shite. Drink more water Love yourself before anyone else I Am I I love you all Community is Unity. Fish finger sandwiches I love you all You love you all I love you baby. ❤️Have the best Thursday. You can do it. 🖤X