Brian's Daily Update

Monday November 9, 2020

Good morning AFG
Mild. Grey. Dry.
This mornings bus tunes. Adore Life.
This mornings bus smells: NEW MASK.
Driver status. The slightly older Wendy James returns.
Winked at me. Definitely winked at me.
I’m taking it as a marriage proposal.
Seat obtained AAA
Where is everyone.
Only two other lifeless souls with me this morning in this single decker blue Arriva bus of love and romance.
Where is the bloody fun in that!
I just don’t understand the lack of routine in other peoples lives.
Routine and almost knowing what’s coming next is the only thing that keeps me sane.
Arrived in Town.
Three other new souls have just entered this vessel.
All of them went straight for C class.
It’s tragic.
Even the great heating wall of death is still asleep this morning.
I love Mondays as you know. Monday’s are the day we get to go again. Monday’s give us the chance to try something new.
Slight change this week as I’m not looking forward to the last part of the week.
Three days at work to keep me active and a GK chat with Hayley Ross on Wednesday then nothing.
I have holiday I need to use up due to not taking any for the last 9 months due to the pandemic pisstake.
Five days. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Stuck on my sofa with just my own head for company.
This is not good.
Must try and find a way of keeping active in some way shape or form
Money is non existent and as usual I’m skint again too. This does help.
I should start a new hobby.
Might start to learn how to knit.
Always fancied it.
Who wants a jumper?
But then there’s the writing.
I want to see if I can actually do it and write something other than stupid brain dumps while travelling on a bus five days a week and and actually see if i sit down and think about it have I got any skill to write something that someone would actually want to read.
We will see.
What I can not do is sit myself on the sofa and do nothing for five days. There is no way I would get out of the other side alive.
I’ve never ever listened to Savages before.
I was taking to Talbot on and off yesterday about a very secret little AFG project we are working on and we briefly started taking about Miss Beth.
So I thought I’d jump in and now I question to myself way I haven’t listened before.
Think I’m done.
The towers are approaching and all I’ve done this morning Is a complete and utter brain dump on you.
It’s the Monday way.
Enjoy today.
Make the most of all of it.
Own it.
It totally belongs to you.
I love you all
You love you all.
I love you baby. ❤️