Brian's Daily Update

Monday August 17, 2020

Good morning AFG Blue.

Bright. Breezy#blueybrightybreezyness

This mornings bus tunes: October. U2This mornings bus smells: MASK Driver status: An old Zammo. Just say fucking no

Seat obtained. AAA

Oh the AAA you beautiful beautiful thing. Empty and waiting. Only two other souls on the Arriva blue single decker love bus of dreams with me this morning. Ann Diamond, no relation to Neil whatsoever sits right at the front lookin out of the window daydreaming of better days gone by. Young Fern Cotton returns again this morning, remember her from the day the driver fell ill last Thursday? On this day Fern sat there on the bus at half seven in the morning watching Mary Poppins on her phone. Slightly different for her this morning as instead of a Disney classic she plays Call Of Duty instead and shoots things in the face for fun. To be fair it is Monday morning. Playing COD might just be what she needs to do to get herself focused and ready for the day ahead.

Who knows…..Drama last night at Mimpress Mansions. Quarter to midnight we loose all power. Check all the switches. Half the street go outside to have a good look around to see if it’s ‘ just them ‘. It’s not just them. Thankfully. Que the current Mrs Mimpress swearing at everything and generally getting pissed and angry at the whole situation. Que me and my ‘ it’s fine, no ones died, no ones done it on purpose and they will fix it’ attitude. We are very different beasts. The current Mrs Mimpress gets pissed off at everything and life is stressful. Thankfully for the mental well-being of the remainder of the people that live in the house with me ( kids I think you call them ) I am not like this and am infact the complete opposite of this. It takes a lot to piss me off. Thankfully this is the way it is otherwise we would have killed each other years ago. There’s still time. Power still not back this morning. Men digging holes in the road already by the time I left this morning to fix this situation as quick as they could. I managed to blag the last bit of hot water in the tank for my bath and had to boil a pan on the gas hob for coffee.

Why does coffee taste different with water boiled in a pan instead of the kettle?I think it’s the lack of limescale involved. No chunky flakes of the stuff this morning floating in my cup. Which was nice. Can’t remember the last time I boiled a pan of water in the morning to make coffee. Long ago During the war I think. Hopefully all is fixed and working at some point this morning. I’m not going home to all that drama. When children 4 and 5 of 5 awake to realise there is no internet the world will end. One is glad one is not there to witness such an event.

Ok. I’m done for today. I thank you once again if you got this far. I thank you for the opportunity to dump my brain on you every morning. It’s really good for my MH to be able to do this. It’s just waffle yes. I know.

Be nice Be nice Be nice

If you can’t be nice , shut the fuck up please as no one really gives a shit.



Love yourself

Drink water


Watch more Fleabag


Do not be two faced. It is not nice and everyone knows you are doing it.

I love you all

You love you all

I love you baby. ❤️

Support your local scumbags if you can

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Have the best Monday.

Own it. Laters