Brian's Daily Update

Friday August 28, 2020

Good morning AFG Grey. Blue. Bright. Damp #greyblueybrightydampyness

This mornings bus tunes: Strangeways Here We Come. The Smiths Perfecto.

This mornings bus smells: Burning dust

Driver Status. Old Eddie Vedder returns.

Seat obtained AAA

Only one day this week without the AAA or two? I can never remember

Hello Friday you absolute sexy beast you. Oh how I’ve missed thee.

Burning Dust. It’s been 8 months since your last visit. It’s been 8 months since I last smelt that smell, the smell that instantly makes me feel sick coupled with the feeling of grimness Why? It’s not even fucking September yet, I’m still wearing shorts and no fucker on this bus wears anything that remotely looks like a coat and some dumb fuck at the bus garage has this morning decided that today is the morning that the great heating wall of death returns. He’s been dormant for months and now he’s been turned on. An aroused heating system was not want we needed this morning especially as it’s STILL fucking Summer.

So here we are again

Please now get used to me moaning like fuck that this single decker bus of love is like a fucking oven when it doesn’t need to be and fucking freezing in the deepest darkest days of winter as that’s the days the great heating wall of death that runs the width of the back of the bus decides not to work. FFS Wasn’t expecting this today.

Ok The important bit.

The AFG Friday morning early pre sale link for next years Dog Shit Monday tour I will share you you today at 9:25am It’s just a link.

Click-o and you will be in-o.

I’ve scheduled the post in. It’s your link to the remainder of the tour tickets before all the common people get a chance to get their grubby little mits on them at 10am. Did I get told off yesterday for sharing such secrets early? Na 😬Sort of. I got a one word message from Marko Team IDLES manager and the Richard Madeley of punk rock management: ‘BRAVE’ it said…Many might of panicked that I had gone to far for the good of mankind and you beautiful people.

I’m nearly 50 FFS, I’m taking the work ‘Brave’ as a massive fucking compliment 😃

Ignore the bit from yesterday when I mentioned extra dates. Extra dates may be added to the same locations if and when they sell out. May do.

Maybe I’m no expert

I’m just me, full of boyishly good looks and charms but no expert.

So 9:25am you will have the link. Fill your boots. Feel someone else’s boots. ( kinky)

Be lucky I am I

I love you all

You love you all

I love you baby. ❤️

See you Saturday night for chats during Live streams. X