Brian's Daily Update

Friday August 21, 2020

Good morning AFG

Blue. Grey. Wind #fuckmeitswindyasfuck

This mornings bus tunes: Skin Suit. The Bobby Lees. We’ve had such a great year already for fucking great albums. In any other year this album would be my total winner but theres been so much more already and so many more wonderful albums to come. The Bobby Lees were due to tour Europe this year for the first time but didn’t due to the fucking Miley Cyrus virus. I think they are the band live I want to see most. Of you haven’t listened yet. Stick it on today and turn it up. It’s right up your street.

This mornings bus smells. MASK.

Driver Status. A very young Lenny Kravitz. Looks about 8. Unsure if he’s the actual bus driver or has just stolen this bus this morning as an act of rebellion. I’m with him either way.

Seat obtained. AAA Boom Boom shake the room. A full set in the morning this week. Five continuous days of AAA love and my peachy resting on the seat of dreams on this blue single decker love bus of romance. I now feel complete.

Today will be a good day.

This weekend will be even better. Don’t you ever say im easily pleased. I’m nearly 50. You take what you can daily when you get to my age. Only three other people sitting with me on this blue vessel this morning. We don’t know them. We’ve never seen them before. Who are they? , where do they live? , where are they going?I feel the need to ask them all this.

The one sitting at the back of C class to my right is causing me the most concern this morning. Three very obvious reasons. 1. He wears a polo shirt. This made even worse as there are no obvious markings or logos on it to inform me that it is work related uniform meaning the polo shirt is clothing that he has chosen to wear. We’ve discussed this before. A tee shirt should never have a collar on it. The only time that this does become acceptable on modern day life is when said collared tee shirt is made by Fred Perry thus then crossing over from horrific clothing to classic sub culture clothing in the blink of an eye. The only downside to the classic Fred Perry is the price tag. Greedy wankers.

The chap to my right this morning is NOT wearing the Fred Perry. 2. He wears a mask. But this is a good thing I hear you say. Yes it is but not when it’s got West Ham United printed all over it. Of all the teams. Essex based glory hunter that didn’t try hard enough 3. The biggest concern is that he is looking through Spotify. This is an issue? Yes. Why? He’s listening to Queen and I fucking hate Queen. You know this already. I’ve covered this before. I always always try and let and let live but this one challenges me this morning. He might not actually be real. He might me a hologram sent to test me. A hologram made up of all the little things in life that bug the shit out of me that I wish didn’t. Queen! FFS Now sitting here daydreaming out of the window if he is actually some kind of hologram that has been sent to test me and if he is who sent him God? Freddy bloody Mercury? Barry Chuckle?

I need a holiday I woke up yesterday morning with 16 gnat bites. 16 !!!I counted them. Sleeping in top of the duvet in just underpantage with the window open due to the heat seemed like a good idea at the time. Getting eaten during the night by Pogo Patterson the worlds most hungry gnat was not. Little bastard. More itchy today than they were yesterday. Fucker. Ok

I’m off The Towers are approaching.

Brain dump random waffle level14 this morning.

Sorry Obviously just needed to clear all that out.

As you were. Be nice Be nice

Be cool

Dance Laugh Love

Drink more water.

Make that phone call. It’s Phone Call Friday. Make that call and get it done. I don’t have to tell you what call I am taking about, you know this already. Make that call and feel so much better once it’s done.

Listen to more The Bobby Lees

Watch more Fleabag and laugh and laugh and cry and cry.

Bastard God.

I Am I

I love you all

You love you all

I love you baby. 💚

Have the best Friday you can.

Own it.

See you Monday.