Brian's Daily Update

Friday August 14, 2020

Good morning AFG




This mornings bus tunes: Melanie : Left Over Wine. Live at Carnegie Hall 1970. There most incredible album. A vocal performance to end all vocal performances.

This mornings bus smells: Lynx Africa. Not me.

Driver Status: Bella Emburg returns. Always happy. Seat obtained. AAAThe AAA has been with me 3 of the 5 mornings this week. I’ll take those odds for sure. To be honest I don’t even understand odds, never placed a bet , played the Lottery or even bought a scratch card once. Addictive personality see. If I win I’ll be hooked. Not going there. I used to play Rummy with my Nan as a kid with my big sister for 2ps. I never won.

There are always at least a few women on the bus each morning doing their full make up routine as they sit before they depart for work each day. You always see them early mornings on the trains too. It’s quite fascinating watching them trying to do it now while donning a full mask.The skills involved are quite incredible. The dedication that goes into it is to be admired for sure. I could live that world.

Friday. Thank fuck you have arrived. The heat this week has been a bitch for all of us. Sweaty bits and pieces everywhere. A lot better night last night as the temperature has dropped today big time. The lying bastard weather app had been promising thunder, lightning and heavy rain now since Tuesday morning. Last night it arrived, two bangs one flash and that was it. It lasted 20 seconds. Still no rain. I do live in the driest place In the UK so I spose it’s just a given.

Prawn cocktail sits this morning in the AA. It’s one of those days where she wears all blue. A light almost but not quite baby blue and it’s everything obviously dress, earrings , shoes and accessories all exactly the same shade. It’s such a grand look. Six days out of seven she wears the prawn and it’s a rarity when the blue gets an outing. I wonder why the change. It’s very dramatic. Bless her. We like her. She’s cool.

What happened to all the wasps? When I was a kid in this kinda weather those fuckers were everywhere. No more though it seems. I ate one once. Grim.

I didn’t get a chance to watch Calling last night with Boss, Mum, Nads , Craig and The Fox.I had stuff at home i had to be getting in with. It felt odd sitting it out. Not sure I liked it. I will watch it this weekend.

I can’t even remember what is coming up next week. Must find out.

The Towers are approaching.

Thank you for letting me dump my brain on you once again this morning. A very random brain dump today.

Be strong

Be smart

Be cool.


Listen to that voice inside your head that questions you.

It’s important.


Find someone you can laugh with.

Once you do everything changes.

Drink more water.

Sugar is not your friend.

It’s Friday, make that phone call or drop that text today, that one that’s been playing on your mind all week. Get it done. Say what needs to be said and remove that monkey from your back before the weekend. Once done then sit back and relax.


Smile again

I Am I

I love you all

You love you all.

I love you baby. ❤️

Have the best Friday gang.

Own it.