Brian's Daily Update

Monday August 3, 2020

Good morning AFG 

Blue. Grey. Damp. 


This mornings bus tunes: Don’t believe the truth : Oasis 

This mornings bus smells: Fabric conditioner MASK 

Driver status. Young Bob Hoskins. 

Seat obtained AA

The AA. 

Not the best start to the week after last weeks full house AAA performance. 

There is only one other person on this bus and she has the AAA. 

I can see the AAA looking at me , giving me side eye. She’s as upset as I. 

The woman on the AAA this morning is a new one. Definitely not seen her before. 

She’s about 30 and wears a Downton Abbey Facemask. Seriously. 

You really don’t need to know anymore. 

We got to town as she has stayed in the bus. One was hoping that she would depart there and I could go for the early upgrade. 

No such bloody luck. 

Oh well Mrs Downton you can take my seat but you’ll never take my freedom…..

Friday nights random act of kindness probably gave me the Miley. 

I will continue. 

I’m always alone at my bus stop on finishing work as I take the AAA and ride the blue Arriva bus of love back to Mimpress Mansions 

I wasn’t alone in waiting on Friday as joining me at the bus stop was a lad, early 30s who we shall refer to as Robson Green 

Pissed, big time. Slightly confrontational but nothing I couldn’t handle. Robson started taking whilst asking me a million questions about who I was and where I live and work etc. 

Not prepared to give over my life’s information to drunk Mr Green he took this as me being rude. 


All I wanted to do was get the bus alone like I always do, but not today. 

I make small talk back to giving him nothing and telling him my name is Barry and I work for the church. 

That confused the fucker. 

Bus arrives. 

Driver refuses to let Robson on the bus because Robson obviously has no face mask. 

Drunk and loud Robson not happy about this. I could see he was getting pissed off and this could have turned a corner and not a good one. 

Take this I said handing Mr Green a brand new Mask, still sealed from my bag just so he can get on the bus to sleep at least. 

I think it confused him, I know it did. 

Que Robson now getting loud and upset as I wouldn’t take a fiver from him for the mask. 

He couldn’t understand it all 

Have a beer then!……No mate. It’s fine. Keep your beer and your fiver and just get on the bloody bus. 

Fuck mate that’s really nice of you. 

He couldn’t understand for one moment I did something for nothing. 

I give Robson a mask to travel on he bus to keep him and everyone else around us safe from this dirty bat ridden Miley Cyrus Virus. 

So what does he do to thank me instead? 

Huge fuck of drunken hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

Love you mate he says as he breathes into my ear. 

FFS Robson you total bellend. 

Hugging people as a thank you during a pandemic really isn’t the way to go 


He got on and fell asleep just as I thought he would do 

I sit there feeling dirty. Grim

Poor fucker was still asleep on the bus when I got off my stop 45 minutes later, my guess is that he missed his stop ages ago. 


Should have taken the fiver. 


I hadn’t even remembered that over the whole weekend and it only come back to me after the bus trigger. 

The moral of the story? 

Fuck knows 


Brain dump. 

I’m done. 

Work is here 

Be nice 

Be nice 

Be nice 

If you can’t be nice just shut the fuck up please 

I love you all 

You love you all 

I love you baby