Brian's Daily Update

Tuesday August 18, 2020

Good morning AFG Blue. Clear. Breeze. #bitnippyinparts

This mornings bus tunes: Blood and Chocolate: Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

This mornings bus smells: Cigarettes. Grim.

Driver Status: A young Uncle Albert. During the war…..

Seat obtained. AAA

Tuesday Day two and the seat of dreams on the love bus of romance is mine again. Is this the week of a full house of dreams where I get the seat everyday unlike last week where I had it hardly ever. It is of course way to early to tell. One day at a time. Always always just one day at a time.

Prawn Cocktail takes the AA again this morning. The AAA was obviously empty when she arrived on the bus before I this morning but she chose the AA for herselfI adore that she has her own throne and it doesn’t clash with mine. Prawn Cocktails AAA is my AA and my AA is her AAA. It’s not confusing at all. There are loads of reasons why the AAA is my seat of dreams. I’ve covered them many many times before. None of main reasons is because I’m right handed. I wonder if PC Is left handed and she has selected her Graceland using the same criteria as I. Probably not.

Over thinking stuff again Brian.

Larry little head sits in C Class this morning at the back of C class and sits directly in front of me. He is so close I could touch him , but I won’t as even for me that’s a bit bloody odd. Larry and his little head obviously made the most of the sun last week. Larry’s little head is very red. Very red and looking like a kidney bean this morning. TBF it’s not actually much bigger than a kidney bean. Why does he wear such big over ear headphones?It doesn’t look very comfortable. Like a clamp they squeeze the very little of headage he has left. His mask still wrapped around his head and tied at the back resulting in both ears being covered under his headphones. Bless himBless dear Larry and his little head. Kidney bean boy.

I wonder what happened to Abbey Downton?

Who are these fuckers that appear from time just to piss on my parade ( kinky) then just fuck off as quick as they originally arrived. I don’t understand people that don’t do routine.

Being a creature of habit is the single biggest factor in my life to keeping my MH In check. Well that and my daily brain dump to you lot each morning. Finding my own ways to keep sane and level without the need to rely on others was one of my biggest ever achievements Very random today.

You know how it is. I wish I has written this Costello album. It’s his finest work for me by a mile. If you’ve never heard it or just think to yourself ‘ I don’t really like him’ I urge to play this album , loud. It’s quite incredible

Fuck. Just looked out the window and noticed that The Towers are already in sight.

One will depart and you can then stop reading this shite and get on with your day.

Be smart

Be good

Be alert

Dance Sing Laugh

Always listen before you respond.

Drink more water.

Love yourself before you love anyone else.

Smile. We love it when you smile. It really really suits you and you should definitely do it more.

I am I


I love you all

You love you all

I love you baby. ❤️

Enjoy today please.

Own it. Laters.