Thursday December 12, 2019

Ally Pally AF Gang Meet Up @ Signature Brew

A huge thank you to everyone that had a meet up before Ally Pally on Saturday. It’s the single most fantastic thing to come from AF Gang is you and the friendships that you make.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Our official AFG meet up went better than we could have ever dreamed off.
We held it at Signature Brew’s Taptoom in Haggerston where they were launching their IDLES collab beer. The only downside to the event is many people had to miss out on a chance to be there with us. We don’t want this to happen again and a massive thanks to those of you who arranged the splinter meet ups.

Our four acts blew us away.

Zee Devine gave us a performance out of this world. What an absolute star.  Sit Down are now your new favourite band. They are perfect and I will make no apologies for banging on about them until the end of time.

Frauds are everything. They even wrote and performed a song they had written especially for the day all about the AFG. Those beautiful beautiful men.

Our very own Dylan Ross gave us a fabulous rendition of a poem he had written about this wonderful little Gang of ours.

Just fabulous.

And remember……this is only the beginning…..
Big Love.

Photos by Lindsay Melbourne