Friday January 31, 2020

AF Gang recommends: Nervous Pills

AF Gang founder Lindsay Melbourne gets to know Sheffield trio Nervous Pills.

Names and where do you come from? Harry, Tom and Liam from Sheffield

What are the best 3 things about your home town of Sheffield? Its multiculturalism – it gives our city lots of character and love. People from outside Sheffield seem to settle here comfortably as its such a welcoming and homely city, with this really contributing to the vibrant music scene of our city.- Its music scene – it’s always thriving and with every decade comes a variety of artists springing out of Sheffield, from metal to hip hop. There’s always something going on in the many independent music venues across our city, as well as music festivals like Tramlines which brings so many people together and is always a good laugh. – Most importantly, the one thing that binds the people of Sheffield together, the great taste of Henderson’s Relish – you can’t beat it. 

Any bands breaking out in Sheffield that you take inspiration from? We love our fellow Sheffield-based bands – Black Mamba Fever, The Sickboy Method, Naguals, FloodHounds, BlackWaters, FUS, Party Baggies, Teeff, Any Old Iron, Bedpost
Our friends FUS are a top live band to see from Sheff. We take inspiration from their stage presence every time we catch them live and we were honoured to have the guys playing at our single release show last October. 
The Sickboy Method are another fellow rising Sheffield-based band that we love. They show us lightweights how punk music should be performed with such an admirable energy and sound. 

Do you come from any musical backgrounds? Liam has been drumming since he was six, with his family being very musically orientated, he has always been around music and is employed by the family music business today. Myself (H) and Tom owe our love for music to our parents, brought up on the likes of The Smiths, Human League, Joy Division, Frank Sinatra, Englebert Humperdinck etc. (it gets worse but we’ll leave it there.)

Tell us about your latest single and plans for the rest of the year? Our newest tune ‘While it Spins’ is out today. We’re very excited about sharing the stage with our friends from BlackWaters (1st Feb) in our hometown. We’re also very excited for a handful of other support slots coming up throughout the year and hopefully a busy festival period. 

You played our AF Gang Christmas party last year? (IDLES aftershow party AF Gang with JOHN 2019) How did that come about / how did you first come across AF Gang?  Our friend Greg Cameron (Promoter for Sheffield venue Record Junkee) asked us to open for the after party straight after the Idles Leadmill show in March last year. We had to sprint back from Leadmill still high on Idles’ fumes to make it in time for soundcheck. It was very exciting and such a privilege to be able to watch such an inspiration band for us play, then knowing we were playing at their aftershow. It was such a great night with everyone.

Tom was a member of the AF Gang when the group had less than a thousand members. He soon shared his love for Idles and the AF Gang community with the rest of us and a few years later, the community is exceeding 24,000 members and we’re proud to be apart of the huge number. 

How important do you think music communities like AF Gang are for new bands? Massively important. We’ve been lucky enough to have fans in the AF Gang that share our music with each other, and we’ve even seen these beautiful faces from far and wide at our own hometown show. We’re more than grateful and we encourage new bands to share their music with music communities, especially the AF Gang!

Musically or otherwise, what are you most looking forward to in 2020?Rumour has it, Rage Against the Machine are returning so we’re all pretty aroused by the news. As well as a new Idles album which sounds pretty promising indeed…

New single ‘When it Spins’ is out today.

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