Brian's Daily Update

Thursday August 6, 2020

Good morning AFG Grey.

Blue. Breeze.


This mornings bus tunes: For the social: a playlist by Cal from DITZ

This mornings bus smells: ShampooDriver status. An old Frank Bruno. Massive hands.

Seat obtained AAI haven’t sat on the AAA all week. This makes me a bit sad. Who takes the AAA this morning? Is it Abbey with her £20 Downton knock off mask from Esty? Is it Noel, has he arrived back in our lives swanning down the bus like Billy Elliot to take the seat of dreams? ( For the record Noel is the only one that I am happy to give the AAA up for. It was his way before mine ) Is it Prawn Cocktail in her suits of absolute beauty? No. Fucking Larry Little head, nowhere to be seen for a week and a bit and there he is this morning, massive white trainers, £9 trousers from Primark and headphones big enough to satisfy the Park stage at Glastonbury. I’m sure his head as got smaller. His mask wrapped so tight around his little face it covers both of his ears. The loops that should go round his ears are tied together at the back of his little head. Those headphones are squashing what is left of his head. Squashing out his soul. I wish I knew what Larry listened to each morning. I’m doing to ask him one day. I believe we have a right to know. Larry has a history of departing the single decker vessel of love at various places. This fucking confuses the fuck out of me too.Not sure if a seat upgrade will happen today.

You will obviously all be the first to know. Three coffees yesterday. Morning , Noon and 6pm after returning home from the Towers. The result, another full undisturbed nights sleep. Fuck. 30 years of waking up repeatedly during the night and it looks like it could have been the result of the caffeine all along Bastard thing.

Talbot blows my mind again Part 31.

The hand written lyrics to Romantic Gestures that Joe has written for Matt for Matt to take with him on his journey I’d the most beautiful thing. I’m not one to cry. It takes a lot. I cried yesterday when I saw this. Still one of the most fabulous tracks the boys ever wrote I know Matt loved it too. On their ‘ What’s ya name and where do you come from ….’ in stores in 2018 I received a very happy , drunk and tearful phone call from Matt out of the blue one night as the boys played the track for him as it was his request. He didn’t expect it to happen. It knocked him for six and had to tell me straight away.

It’s a very special track so seeing the lyrics written out like that in Joes handwriting especially for Matt is the most beautiful beautiful thing. Also, I am a massive Cure fan, I know Talbot is too but had no idea at all that ‘The exploding boy’ a most fabulous Cure track ( B side to Inbetween Days ) was mentioned in the lyrics until I saw them written down. Still can’t get my head around that Matt has gone. Life is a cunt sometimes.

Ok. Nearly at The Towers.

Be cool

Be smart

Be nice.

Always be nice because nice things happen to nice people. This is fact.

Dance Love Laugh, never ever stop seeking out the things in life that make you smile and laugh and regardless of what might tell you listening to Joy Division will not lift your mood.

Drink more water

Sugar is not your friend

Listen to more Melanie. Warm Leatherette

I Am I

I love you all

You love you all

I love you baby.❤️Laters. Have the best Thursday. Own it. X